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Mar 3, 2010, 17:36




The newly appointed Fullah Community Chief for the Western Area, former Chief Justice Abdulai B. Timbo, was ton Tuesday March 2nd 2010, formally presented to President Ernest Bai Koroma at State House.


The chairman for the occasion, Political Affairs Minister Alpha Kanu, described the new Fullah Chief as having the characteristics of a good leader, whom many will follow. He said Chief Timbos appointment is a clear manifestation of the Presidents commitment to local government, in line with the APC manifesto.


In his statement, the Minister of Local Government, Dauda Kamara, referred to the appointment as a big honour for the Fullah Community. In giving a brief background of the new chief, Minister Kamara  said  Justice Timbo was born in 1938, attended the Magburaka Boys  Secondary and Bo  Schools before proceeding to England to read Law and acquired  Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral degrees. On returning home, he  worked as State Counsel, subsequently went into private practice and then later appointed Appeal Court Judge and Justice of the Supreme Court before becoming Chief Justice. On retirement, he was appointed Chairman of the Political Parties and Registration Commission (PPRC).

Presenting the letter of appointment, the Minister said, His Excellency the President has directed me to appoint you as Tribal Headman of the Fullah Community in the Western AreaAs Minister, I heartily welcome the appointment He assured that the new chief will make a meaningful contribution towards local government and work closely with the Mayor of Freetown and the country as a whole to manifest his leadership qualities.


Speaking at the occasion, Chief Justice Timbo thanked President Koroma for the history-making appointment, as he is the first holder of a PhD and the first former Chief Justice to become a Fullah Headman. He said he would have chosen to remain quiet or would have gone abroad, but he had come to a full realization that the President meant well for the nation and needed additional support.

He pledged to bring his expertise and experience into the job in supporting the President in building a better nation, especially in the area of interpreting the law to his people.

Chief Timbo called upon his opponent to join hands with him and work together for the good of the Fullah community and Sierra Leone. He openly appointed Hon. Chernor Bah (aka Chericoco) as his Political Affairs Man.


Addressing the gathering, mainly composed of a cross-section of the Fullah Community, President Koroma said he was happy to receive the new Chief as Head of the Fullah Community, who had waited for far too long for this moment. He observed that the Fullahs have come a long way in trying to build and advance their community, and we should be proud of them.


President Koroma recalled some of their various apprehensions about his presidency prior to the presidential election which he said have all been proven wrong, noting that the Fullahs now have more freedom than before. According to President Koroma, no country can develop without peace, quietness, law and order. Under this administration, and the new leadership you have got, I urge you to work together, respect the law, maintain the peace, and work within the framework of the law, he told the audience.

On the chiefs selection, President Koroma said, I carefully looked at his background and appointed him because I believe he can deliver and provide the required leadership for the Fullahs at this point in time, promising to give his full support to the Fullah community. He however emphasized that he will not hesitate to apply the law where and when necessary, making mention of the wind of change blowing against corruption at Customs. If they dont get tired, I will not get tired, he asserted.


The President noted that by virtue of Justice Timbos background, a lot is expected from him, even in pursuing the objectives of the governments Agenda for Change. He ended by again congratulating the new chief and calling on the entire Fullah community to support him.


Hon Chernor Bah gave the vote of thanks.

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