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Sierra Leone MPs on Community Development Projects
By Bampia James Bundu (Jnr)
Mar 5, 2010, 17:24

Members of Parliament (MPs) for Constituency 104 and 105, Hon. Nuru Deen Sankoh Yillah and Hon. Tunde Lewally have respectively launched community development campaigns in their respective constituencies in the Western Area Urban.

This was recently revealed to this press in an interview with both Members of Parliament at their project sites in their respective constituencies in Freetown. According to Hon. Nuru Deen Sankoh Yillah, prior to his campaign drive to be elected as Member of Parliament for his area, he had been involved in several community development projects and had vowed to continue in this vein if voted in as MP for the area.

Hon. Yillah added that now that he has spent two years in Parliament, he is awaiting funds from the central government to undertake project but that up till now funds are not forthcoming. He pointed out that he had single-handedly undertaken several project in his constituency including a recently-commissioned Le6M road project at Grant Street and a Le8.5M bridge project at Mount Aureol Terrace which has also been commissioned, adding that the bridge will link Mount Aureol Terrace and Bird Water Community in the Eastern Part of Freetown.

Hon. Yillah however called on elders and youth in the community to join hands together in order to make the work easier and assured them that he is still in search of funds to use on more development projects in his constituency.

Speaking also, Hon. Tunde Lewally of Constituency 104 disclosed that he is presently undertaking a one hundred feet long footstep project worth Le20M at the Moa Wharf Community in the eastern part of Freetown, adding that this is just one of his numerous projects that he has undertaken in the past few months. He disclosed that he had recently donated cleaning materials to the Kossoh Town Youth Development Organization; provided micro-credit loans to women in his constituency in order to empower them; and had also constructed slabs for drainages in about five streets in his constituency.

Hon. Lewally further pointed out that all these projects are undertaken single-handedly and with his own money in order to keep to his campaign promises. He commended the youth of his constituency for their efforts at ensuring they support his development strides. He however called on the central government to consider supporting his constituency financially and otherwise as they are ready to work for the people but do not have the means.

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