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Children celebrate International Children’s Day of Broadcasting in Bombali and Port Loko
Mar 9, 2010, 17:02

Children celebrate International Children’s Day of Broadcasting in Bombali and Port Loko

Makeni & Port Loko, 7th March 2010 –War Child developed children’s radio programs with the local children’s organizations ‘Kids Arise’, ‘Child Forum Network’, ‘Child Empowerment Forum Network’ and ‘Media Student Network’ to celebrate the International Children’s Day of Broadcasting. War Child helped these organizations to develop radio programs for the local radio stations in Bombali and Port Loko. During these programs the children interviewed the deputy mayor and other key stakeholders about the welfare of children in the districts. The children also aired poems, songs jingles and held a quiz about child rights which made the program interesting and entertaining.

The children prepared discussions that were pre-recorded and broadcasted on radio on the 7th. This was done in partnership with project officers from War Child Holland. The children discussed the pre-recorded interviews they had conducted themselves. These interviews aimed to reveal what stakeholders could do to support the welfare of children in the country. With this program War Child hopes to break down the barriers that exist between stakeholders and children and create a support network of influential people that can promote the welfare of children.  

"The children were very enthusiastic about the opportunity they were given to get in touch with stakeholders about issues that concern them", said F. Kamara of War Child in Bombali. He also noticed that the children were excited to hear the opinions of listeners that called the radio station to respond to the discussion topics. "In Bombali", he said, "the children chose a local theme which was: strengthening the support of child welfare structures". "The large number of people that phoned the radio station showed that the topic has gained popularity and support amongst the general public".

The International Children’s Day of Broadcasting is a day when broadcasters around the world ‘Tune in to Kids’.  They air quality programmes for and about children, but most of all, they produce radio and TV programs that promote the welfare of children. They develop radio soaps, documentaries and quizzes about children’s rights and dramas that help break down gender stereotypes and reduce discrimination. These programs are educative and entertaining. Every year, almost all broadcasters in the country take part in the day, celebrating it in ways that are as unique and special as children themselves.

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