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Sierra Leone's Fullah Tribal Headman for Western Area
By Culled from The Examiner Newspaper :
Mar 11, 2010, 17:10

The Hon. Justice Alhaji Dr. Abdulai Bapatheh Timbo was born to Alhaji Alimamy Wuroh Timbo and Haja Neneh Timbo on the 5th November 1938 in Rokulan, in the Bombali District. 

He got his primary education at the then Native Administration School, Mateboi and his secondary education at the Magburaka Boys Secondary School and the Bo Government Secondary School. 


He left Bo School in 1955, assisted his father for a while in his business, and later left for London where he took his Ordinary and Advanced Level Examinations. 

He then proceeded to the University of London where he studied Law in 1966 graduating with a Masters Degree.He returned from England in 1969, worked briefly in the Law Officers Department and again returned to England to pursue his doctorate degree.


Newly appointed Fullah Tribal Headman, Hon. Justice Alhaji Dr. Abdulai Bapatheh Timbo


Upon completing of his PhD. he did private practice at his Agibu Chambers and was later appointed to work in the Sierra Leone Court of Appeal as Judge, a sort of double promotion in the legal system. 

He was appointed Chief Justice of the Republic of Sierra Leone in 2002, and was awarded the Premier Award of Grand Officer of the Order of the Republic of Sierra Leone in 2004 by then President Alhaji Dr. Ahmad Tejan Kabba while in retirement.

In 2005, he was appointed Chairman of the Political Parties Registration Commission, where he served up to 2006. 


In an exclusive interview with The Examiner at his 22 High Broad Street, Murray Town, in the west of Freetown residence, the pleasant and very accommodating and open minded legal luminary explained that he was highly honoured for his appointment and stated that he was confident he will successfully steer the ship of the Fullah tribe towards progress. 

He referred to his new role as Head of all the Fullah Chiefs in the Western Area as supervisory, as he will be coordinating the activities of the provincial Tribal Heads in the country.

He disclosed that his major objective will be to bring the Fullah tribe together by dialogue, encouragement and counselling. 

Reacting to the question of division in the tribe as a result of his appointment, he reiterated that there is no division in their tribal ranks, as both himself and Alhaji Mohamed Texaco Bah were vying for the post but since President Ernest Bai Koroma has the legal authority to appoint people to positions of trust, he has used his discretion to appoint the one he feels will command the respect and confidence of the ethnic tribe and that he has been readily accepted by his tribesmen and women all over the country.

He said his next step is to get on to execute the work, unite and initiate an agenda for the growth of the tribe, and see how they can close ranks and try to realize their aspirations.

He listed his achievements whilst in the Judiciary as follows: - (a) The reconstruction and rehabilitation of the Law Courts nation wide; (b) collaborating with the Department for International Development (DFID) in the reestablishment of the Courts after the devastation by the war; (c) the Creation of the Justice of the Peace (JP) system to expedite trials and hearings in the Lower Courts

He is married and has children, grand children and great grand children.

He speaks Fullah, English, Temne and Krio. 

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