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Over alleged SLPP brutality on Journalists… : Eric B. Jumu says:‘I was not at the scene’
By Culled from The Examiner Newspaper
Mar 11, 2010, 17:12

The Honourable Member of Parliament representing Constituency 74 (Bo Central Constituency), Hon. Eric Bobo Jumu over the weekend told The Examiner in a telephone interview that he was not at the scene where it was alleged that a cross section of Journalists who went to cover the opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party SLPP mini convention in Bo, Southern Province a week ago, were beaten.

He said he arrived a bit late at the event and he already met Mr. John Oponjo Benjamin, the party Chairman at the height of presenting a motion and only learnt about the incident through a local Journalist working for the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Services radio in Bo.

He said he was disheartened to be misrepresented in the news as being present at the scene and as the local media further impressed that the Journalists were beaten in front of him without his intervention.

He noted that he would never want such an ugly incident to occur in his presence.

Hon. Eric B. Jumu said he declared during the mini convention amongst the likes of Mr. Julius Maada Bio, Mr. Sengu Koroma, Hon. Mrs. Elizabeth Lavalie and the others for the flag bearer position of the party in the forth coming 2012 Presidential and Parliamentary elections and thought his name should have been featured in the news but he never got such mention.


He stated that he was surprised to realise that instead his name was being bandied in the circulated Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ) press release as being present during the fracas.  He warned that Journalists should always try to cross check their stories before they go to press.

It could be noted that Hon. Eric B. Jumu is an outstanding Member of Parliament accredited for worthy representation of his constituents and the country for which he currently holds several positions in Parlia
ment such as being the Deputy Chair of the Health Committee, Member of Appointment Committee, Member of Social Welfare and Children’s Affairs Committee, Member of NaCSA Working Committee and Member of the European Parliament representing this country.

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