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Lamin Vonjoh Ngobeh to Appeal
By Culled from The Examiner Newspaper
Mar 11, 2010, 17:14

Reports reaching The Examiner Newspaper indicate that Mr. Lamin Vonjoh Ngobeh will appeal to the Supreme Court against the ruling of the Appeal Court on Friday, March 5 this year in which Hon. Justice S. A. Ademusu and Hon. Justice N.C. Browne-Marke ruled for Hon. Paramount Chief Mohamed Kailondo Banya of Luawa Chiefdom in the Kailahun District to retain his staff of office, while Hon. Justice Patrick O. Hamilton maintained that he will order for a Caretaker or Regent Chief to be appointed to oversee the affairs of the Chiefdom until proper elections are held.

It will be recalled that sometime in 2003, Mr. Lamin Vonjoh Ngobeh filed a petition in the High Court against Paramount Chief Mohamed Kailondo Banya in which Justice Mrs. Showers ruled against the Paramount Chief, effectively indicating that another should be held in the Luawa Chiefdom.

It was this ruling that the Paramount Chief petitioned in the Appeal Court which gave its ruling on Friday, March 5 this year.

An aide to Mr. Lamin Vonjoh Ngobeh told The Examiner last night that Mr. Ngobeh and his people are dismayed at the ruling and that hey are now left with on option but to take the matter to the Supreme Court to get a truer interpretation of the matter as they still maintain that Paramount Chief Mohamed Kailondo Banya should step down and another election held.

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