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In Sierra Leone, Mr. Dauda Kallon & the Anti-Corruption Saga: When a Section of Local Media Chooses to be Deceptive
By Abdul Karim Kabia
Mar 11, 2010, 17:20

The importance of the role of the Press in investigating, compiling and disseminating information cannot be over-emphasized. Media practitioners are tasked with the responsibility of informing the people on public interest issues with all fairness.

In cases where media practitioners choose the wrong path of being deceptive rather than being objective, it spells doom for society and posterity will be very unkind to such practitioners.

This brings me to the point of certain media practitioners publishing deceptive articles on the Afsatu Kabba/Anti Corruption matter with no respect for their sacred responsibility.

Dauda Kallon: Has Sworn Oath at Courts

A section of journalists in Sierra Leone has proved notorious in the direction of dragging the image of the countryís journalism profession to the mud in order to satisfy their selfish aspirations. This set of journalists claim to hold no brief for people, but it is an open secret that they are allowing themselves to be misused by desperate individuals in a struggle to smear the hard won reputations of revered and patriotic Sierra Leoneans.

Hon. Haja Afsatu Kabba is Sierra Leoneís latest victim of a deceptive media.¬† These unreliable individuals parading as journalists continue to embarrass themselves with printed and aired lies. These lies continue to suffer setbacks with the revelation of the truth. Latest of the exposures that the deceptive section of the media is effortlessly trying to counter is the revelation of a youth activist and politician called Dauda Kallon.

According to in-depth investigations conducted by this newspaper, Dauda Kallon remains a credible young man who has long been one of President Ernest Koromaís foot soldiers since 1997/98 when President Koroma first publicised his long-nursed ambitions to be President of Sierra Leone. In the Year 2000, as President of the National Union of APC Students, Dauda Kallon personally took President Koroma to all the Colleges and Universities in Sierra Leone starting from Milton Margai College of Education.

Dauda Kallonís political activism within the APC continues to date; he was even an aspirant for the APC symbol during the 2007 Parliamentary Elections. He is thus a youth activist and a politician in all possible respects and he enjoys the political confidence of H.E. President Koroma whom he counts as one of his political mentors. He has never been known to be a liar nor has he ever been suspected to engage in anything criminal. He is not an obscure young man but a sincere young man who had bravely taken on a powerful figures he suspects of sinister and untoward behaviour.

So, until these deceptive journalists can prove otherwise, Mr. Dauda Kallon remains a credible young man. The mere fact that he started off his Sworn Affidavit by making public his proximity to Haja Afsatu Kabba and his political activism shows deep integrity on his part. He held nothing back. Kallon has even made it clear that he is not accusing Abdul Tejan-Cole of anything untoward but only wishes to have clarity on this grave and serious issue.

To those who try to whitewash the numerous questionable acts of the ACC in this issue, I ask this simple question: Have we forgotten Gloria Newman-Smart so soon in this country? Can we sit by and allow a repeat of such once again?


The Hon. Alusine Fofana headed Commission of Enquiry Report on the ACCís manhandling of late Gloria Newman-Smart which led to her untimely DEATH has a lot of lessons in it. Were there any lessons learnt from that Gloria Newman-Smart saga where the Press and unscrupulous ACC agents combined to create a potent weapon that murdered the late woman?

Now, instead of investigating the serious allegations made so far by Kallon, the deceptive section of the media is trying to dismiss the important points raised as baseless. Mr. Kallon has gone to an extent of swearing an oath to his assertions and has even made public the video tape of the State House meeting to prove that Mrs. Lilian Lisk and her husband were present at the fish meeting in State House. If the press or any individual want to dismiss these allegations let them provide evidences on the contrary, rather than assembling wicked lies and unwarranted attacks.

They must provide evidences that Kallon is only being malicious as they are purporting him to be. They must provide evidences to contest the facts that the Awareness Times Newspaper has been publishing since this matter started. Provide evidences and stop attacking people out of malice. Until the evidences are out, the deceptive media remains a shame to our generation and generations yet unborn especially when one juxtaposes the ongoing saga with the insistence of Magistrate Adrian Fisher, under oath in Court, that he is being tried via cooked-up evidence manufactured within Anti Corruption Commission by persons with grudges against him. May God help our fight against corruption!

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