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Afsatu Kabba
Is ACC Boss Embarking on a Radical Witch-hunt against Hon. Afsatu Kabba?
By Ahmed M. Kamara (Publisher of Newstime Africa in London)
Mar 12, 2010, 17:16

It has come to the knowledge of News Time Africa Magazine that the Anti-Corruption commissioner himself may have become corrupt. Some of the allegations levied against Abdul Tejan Cole range from abuse of power to becoming politicised by the current regime. He has gone out of his scope and seems to clamour around political influence in the discharge of his duties. The Cabinet in Sierra Leone is a loose makeup of factions. Infighting and position juggling is reminiscent of the structure of the present cabinet in Sierra Leone Ė and the ACC Commissioner has allowed himself to be sucked up into this dangerous political mess. It is interesting to note what members of Cabinet would do to secure their positions in government and prevent themselves from getting sacked. You would expect that to be all down to performance but I must report that this is not the case.

It is not within the ambit of the ACC bossí job description to embarrass any Cabinet Minister irrespective of any allegations against that person. This man tasked to fight corruption in the country has allowed his independence to be squandered and has converted his well respected legacy to that of a Mafioso-type gang warfare Don. There is a serious risk that this graft watchdog has abandoned the scared nature of his position and traded it with an ambition to satisfy his political masters. There is one thing you donít do when you are charged with the responsibility of fighting corruption: you donít discharge your duties with acrimony.

It is now full knowledge that Abdul Tejan Cole has embarked on not only a campaign to embarrass the Minister of Marine Resources but to ridicule and disgrace her family.¬† He has done so with the full awareness of the powers to be. He has been spiteful, audacious and conceited and all these can only equate to a personality disorder. What is not known is whether these deficiencies where brought into the job or acquired on the job. Either way they are a lethal concoction of a poisoned mind that has been set loose to cause destruction. I will not sit by and allow Abdul Tejan Cole destroy the political life of one of Sierra Leoneís finest public Servants.

Afsatu Kabba has accomplished a good reputation as a decent and well respected member of the Sierra Leone community even before she became a Cabinet Minister. These are some of the amazing qualities that the President recognised in her to appoint her to the position of authority she currently holds. No amount of threat or character assassination will ever be sufficient to damage her good name. She has a dignified personality and I would urge her to stay steadfast in her ideals and not allow the foolish attempt by Tejan Cole to embarrass her, affect her commitment to the fine contribution she is making to the national development of her country.

Abdul Tejan Cole should himself be investigated to find out whether in the expression of his job he has been influenced by dirty politics. The parliamentary committee responsible for transparency should start their own investigations about the true intentions of this man charged with cleaning corruption in Sierra Leone.¬† Tejan Cole has every right to go after anyone accused of corrupt practices. But it is the manner in which it has been done that is unacceptable. As a learned man of law himself, he should be aware that mere allegations are not proof of guilt and suspicion should not warrant a mission to subject anyone to public embarrassment.¬† He has abused his powers and should be culpable of the consequence of his actions. He now has the unenviable opportunity to redeem himself and apologise to Afsatu Kabba whose family has been subjected to unprecedented humiliation. The President has said he will not interfere with the job of the Anti-Corruption Commissioner, but what if he is not doing his job as mandated by law Ė will he still not interfere?¬† This is the time the Head of State should show leadership and admonish his Graft Supremo to step wisely.


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