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Is ACC’s Bashiru Konneh a Double Agent??
By A Commentary out of Curiousity
Mar 15, 2010, 15:40

Curious Information now on the desk of this newspaper indicates that one of the Leading Investigators of the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) currently assigned to the ongoing controversial investigation of Hon. Haja Afsatu Kabba, Minister of Fisheries & Marine Resources, might be nothing other than a Double Agent seeking the interests of the shady FISH MAFIA in the country whilst using the ACC as a tool for the FISH MAFIA to deal with the country’s dynamic female Fisheries Minister. The 16th February 2010 Section 53(1) Notice served by Abdul Tejan Cole on Hon. Afsatu Kabba, listed down the names of Franklyn Campbell, Bashiru Konneh and Evelyn Walker as the three investigators assigned by ACC to the investigation.

Now, it will be recalled that several years back during the regime of erstwhile President Ahmad Tejan Kabba’s SLPP Government, it was reported, though unconfirmed, that the reason why President Kabbah’s Fisheries Minister Lawrence Kamara was abruptly relieved of his portfolio as Minister was because it was allegedly discovered that an illegal operation by Kamara’s brother, Mr. Victor Kamara, was involved in corruptly collecting License Fees on behalf of the Government from his Rawdon Street Offices but pocketing it for the Kamaras. However, these reports were not confirmed by the then President leaving the rumour up in air.

Whatever the facts of that sacking, it has now emerged that Bashiru Konneh  now at the ACC was a staff working for this allegedly corrupt Fish establishment before Konneh was sponsored to proceed to University and eventually catapulted into the ACC as investigator under Glenna Thompson.

The question now on many lips is whether Ms. Glenna Thompson, Head of Investigations and Mr. Abdul Tejan-Cole, Commissioner, did not do due diligence on Konneh before he was assigned to investigate Haja Afsatu Kabba, whom is fast proving to be a victim of the FISH MAFIA’s devious antics. Please see yesterday’s breaking news on Awareness Times Website as well as check out THE SENATOR NEWSPAPER of today’s date.

Awareness Times tried fruitlessly to contact Mr. Konneh yesterday as well as Mr. Victor Kamara but all to no avail. We are right on top of this issue however and it is hoped the ACC will issue a clarifying statement on the issue of how come a member or associate of the FISH MAFIA was assigned to this sensitive investigation of the same Minister who has been determined to smash the very same FISH MAFIA.

Is Bashiru Konneh the double agent leaking information out of ACC to the FISH MAFIA? This is the question that many now seek an answer to. Over to Commissioner Abdul Tejan Cole and Director of Investions Madam Glenna Thompson. The integrity of the ACC is at stake here!

“How come Bashiru

 Konneh was assigned to

investigate Hon. Haja

Afsatu O. E. Kabba?”

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