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Afsatu Kabba
Counts 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, 10 &11 against Afsatu viz-a-viz some Facts
Mar 16, 2010, 08:10

Anti Corruption Commission has yesterday March 15th 2010 filed seventeen counts against Hon. Afsatu Kabba but insist they were not ready to proceed & needed 8 weeks adjournment. ACCís allegations in which Counts 1 & 2 are identical in nature to Counts 9 and 10 does NOT involve corruption of Government money. What Afsatu Kabba has been charged with involves allegedly using her office to give a messenger job to a poor APC supporter. Other issues have one witness, Lilian Lisk who negotiated her way out of a criminal indictment in 1996 with assistance of a current senior Judge. In Counts 1 to 10, Lisk alleges she paid bribes to Afsatu Kabba to have "fishing boats operated" by Okeky Fishing Agency issued with licenses between June 2009 & Oct. 2009. Unless Lilian Lisk has been fooling Government, it is a fact that Liskís Okeky does not operate boats but is a mere agency. Government issues boat licenses on yearly basis. Okeky already had been issued its licenses BEFORE Afsatu Kabba was assigned to the Ministry.

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