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IFC Request for Proposal: Automation of Name Search at the Office of the Administrator Registrar General
Mar 24, 2010, 17:12

Request for Proposal: Automation of Name Search at the Office of the Administrator Registrar General


IFC, in partnership with the GoSL, wishes to contract the services of a reputable software and computing firm that would be able to design and pilot a database for the automation of the name search process at the OARG by June 9th 2010. Since 2007, OARG has streamlined the process of registering a business in Sierra Leone. At present, searching for existing names is conducted manually, adding to increase the time it takes to complete the business registration process. Automation of the process will make the process more efficient. It is intended that this project will also have a positive effect on Sierra Leone’s placing in the World Bank’s Doing Business rankings this year.

Scope of Work

Interested firms are required to submit a full technical and financial proposal in two separately sealed envelopes.

The technical proposal should fully address the concerns below:

a) The design and piloting of a searchable database that would incorporate the facility of a document server to automate the name search process.
b) Scanning of 5 years worth of past registration certificates currently in the active files of the Business Registration Centre at the OARG. The scanned documents should be in a searchable format that can be accessed by users of the database. Flat bed scanners were donated by the Justice Sector Development Project but have never been used. The consulting firm may advise how best to integrate these scanners so that images captured may be utilized in the back-end of the database.
c) The successful bidder will also be required to provide six months after sales support which may involve further refining of the database to meet the needs of the client, a software training manual and train a minimum of three staff nominated by the Administrator and Registrar General.

Interested firms are further advised to visit the Business registration centre at the OARG to familiarize themselves with the document trail and physical processes of registering a business as well as the nature of documents and equipments currently in use and the reforms being undertaken. A more detailed Terms of Reference is available.

Interested firms are required to submit their proposals to the following address:

International Finance Corporation
1st Floor, Bishop Building
13 Lamina Sankoh Street

Clearly state ‘REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL’ on the sealed envelope.
Also write your email addresses on the sealed envelope.
No telephone calls, faxes will be accepted.
Closing date for applications: April 6th, 2010

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