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APC Re-Takes Bombali Seat
By Abdul Karim Kabia
Mar 22, 2010, 15:08

Initial polling results monitored from the northern part of the country indicate that the All Peopleís Congress (APC) candidate in the Constituency 33 Parliamentary Bye-election will be elected as the parliamentary representative of the constituents in that part of the country.

Though the actual results remain unclear, but the APC is said to have recorded the highest votes in the election.

The election is said to have recorded a low votersí turnout, but enjoys a peaceful process.

Scores of residents of the said constituency blame the low votersí turnout on the far distances of polling centers and the lack of adequate sensitization, whilst others attribute it to the way and manner in which the elected leaders in that part of the country have been treating the people.

A resident of Sanda Tendaren, who pleaded for anonymity, said they refused to vote because they never set eyes of the former Parliamentarian of that Constituency since he was elected in 2007. He added that their chiefdom in particular, and the Bombali District as a whole, has recorded no progress since the APC was voted to power. He cited as examples the backward states of the villages of the Resident Minister North and the Bombali District Council Chairman, whilst pointing out that the said APC Leaders have done nothing to improve the villages they hailed from.

Amidst this protest, the APC candidate, Sulaiman M. Sesay, is all set to be elected as the Parliamentarian for Constituency 33, if report filtering in from that part of the country is anything to go by.

The said bye-election was held on Saturday 20th March 2010 to replace Hon. Eddie Turay, who resigned in Parliament, to take up an appointment as Sierra Leoneís High Commissioner to the UK.

The three chiefdoms in Constituency 33 are Gbanti Kamaranka, part of Sanda Loko, and Sanda Tendaren.

Meanwhile, the Local Council Bye-Election in Ward 234, Bo District, has ended peacefully with an encouraging votersí turnout. The Awareness Times Newspaper has been reliably informed that the SLPP recorded landslide victory in the said elections. It could be recalled that the PMDC grabbed the said seat in the 2008 Local Government Election.

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