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United Nations Integrated Peace Building Office in Sierra Leone (UNIPSIL)
Mar 22, 2010, 14:30

UN Reacts to West Africa holding Company 16th March 2010

The United Nations Integrated Peace Building Office in Sierra Leone (UNIPSIL)ís, attention has been drawn to an article published in a local tabloid on Monday 15 March 2010 entitled ďHilton to manage Mammy YokoĒ.

In this article, the West African Holding Company which manages Mammy Yoko Hotel raised a series of allegations ranging from the non-sufficient payment of rents to the physical destruction of the property by the UN during their stay at Mammy Yoko.

In that connection, the UN would like to state here, that, the above mentioned allegations are factually incorrect and misrepresent the good image of the Organization in Sierra Leone .The facts are as follows:

∑ Upon leasing the former mammy Yoko Hotel, the UN spent considerable funds to rehabilitate the property at the time and made it suitable for the Organizationís operations as its headquarters.

∑ The monthly rents stood as about ninety-two thousand United States Dollars (92000USD) at the time of completion of the lease in February 2009.

∑ Worthy of mention is that, in accordance with the lease agreement with the West Africa Holding Company, yearly rents for the premises was paid in advance at the sum of $1,2 million US dollars.

∑ Upon ceding the premises in March 2009, the sum of Two Hundred and Eighty Five Thousand United States Dollars (285,000 USD), was paid to the West Africa Holding Company to undertake repairs on the infrastructure, as jointly agreed.

∑ An additional Thirty Four Thousand United States Dollars (34,000 USD) was also made available as compensation for any environmental clean-up of the premises.

∑ The UN therefore completely considers the abovementioned article as factually in-accurate and a misrepresentation of the UN image in Sierra Leone.

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