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Who Is Lilian Lisk? - A Rejoinder
By Abdul Fonti
Mar 23, 2010, 17:00

This piece is a direct rejoinder to a certain article planted in scores of local tabloids on the 22nd March 2010, with the banner headline: “Who is Lilian Lisk”, authored by a smokescreen coward of a writer. The said article is the latest attempt by the handlers of the Public Relations of Lilian Lisk, to fool the latter that her already dented image can be easily restored with articles of that nature. The question which the author(s) failed to ask themselves prior to putting pen to paper was: ‘Can Lilian Lisk fit into the category of “Sierra Leone’s most indigenous entrepreneur”, amid the battery of revelations of her uncountable shady undertakings in conniving with unpatriotic citizens and foreign nationals to suppress Sierra Leone from benefiting from its filthily rich natural resources. This is one of the numerous questions any well meaning Sierra Leonean will ask himself and answer before thinking of praise singing an individual called Lilian Lisk.

The entire article was trying to prejudice public opinion but how can one escape from the fact that Lilian Lisk’s coward handler was telling a big fat lie in saying that Lisk pays One Million Dollars in License Fees? The highest Lilian Lisk has ever paid for License Fees was this year when Afsatu Kabba refused to grant her any discretionary discounts and even then it is way way less than even a quarter of a million dollars paid hence!

Lilian Lisk was born a Ghanaian and her late father was buried in Ghana as a Ghanaian whilst her mother still lives in Ghana where Lilian’s ancestors hailed from. Lilian might have worked in the country’s civil service, as penned down by the smokescreen writer(s), but the latter failed to mention (or did not have anything to mention) a single achievement of Lilian Lisk during her tenure of serving the civil service. What a shame!

If I state here that Lilian Lisk is a member of the FISH MAFIA in Sierra Leone, I can freely substantiate my assertion by just referring you to the YAN YU 632 boat licensed by Lilian Lisk’s Okeky Fishing Agency, which was recently impounded whilst committing various offences in the Sierra Leone waters. That can be a typical example, which has been backed by the ninja settlement between Lilian Lisk and the Government of Sierra Leone (represented by the Joseph Koroma headed Fisheries Ministry) that led to the mysterious release of the said boat, plus all the Chinese Crew and cartons of fishes.

To convince my readership that Lilian Lisk is a mafia, I will not even need to mention the cartoons of Sierra Leone fishes that are labeled to fool the world that our precious fishes originated from China. Even before I will start thinking of exposing that the said boat was not licensed to catch fishes but shrimps, the evidences would have turned out to be more than sufficient to prove my assertion.

If the author(s) had actually wanted to explain to the general populace who the real Lilian Lisk is, he/she/they should have started by cross checking the 1996 criminal court trial records of Lilian Lisk and tell the world who she is. Go to the court and check; the records are still there.

The writer(s) of that piece also failed or were too ashamed to tell us that Lilian Lisk is the real sacred cow of the All People’s Congress (APC) led Government of Sierra Leone. Evidently, Lilian Lisk has proved herself as untouchable and she can even fool APC’s Ernest Koroma into taking hasty and detrimental decisions. All she needs is to go through the Anti Corruption Commission and see how the APC can sack and immediately replace its Ministers in a rush.. Just like Jamil used to do. What more evidences do Lilian Lisk needs to show she is “APC’s Sacred Cow’”?

Don’t even bother to ask Lilian Lisk about the details of her bilateral agreement with China, because you will receive the wrath of our leaders like Afsatu Kabba did.

Afsatu Kabba was in transit in Ghana when Lilian Lisk stormed the Sierra Leone High Commission and convinced H.E. Osman Yansanneh for Afsatu Kabba to go and stay at her house for one night. That transit one-night stay has now been turned into a loud-mouthed boast the same way Lilian Lisk is boasting, to anyone who cares to hear, of how she helped the President’s mother Alice Koroma with Generator problems at her residence. She is a braggadocio also!

In summary, Lilian Lisk is nothing but a wicked, unpatriotic and heartless human living in this part of the world, who enjoys the protection of the powers that be in the form of President Ernest Bai Koroma which latter gentleman is content to sit and watch as Lilian Lisk lies to the world that she was the one who got President Koroma to tell Afsatu Kabba to insist on payments by Bank Draft only. This lie and lots more are all a big bunch of lies by her coward handlers but it is nothing strange to see Lilian Lisk transmit such lies because this is the true Lilian Lisk: A lying Ghanaian citizen who has been a curse to Sierra Leone and remains to be just that!

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