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Political Influence in Alleged Murder Case
By Bampia J. Bundu
Mar 23, 2010, 17:18

The Awareness Times Newspaper has been reliably informed that scores of very senior operatives of the ruling All People’s Congress (APC) led Government of Sierra Leone have penetrated the Ross Road Police Division to interfere with an ongoing investigation on the alleged murder of 32 years old Bintu Saccoh.

Police sources have it that APC operatives (names withheld) have approached the Division using the names of very senior government personalities (names also withheld at least for now) to secure the ‘unconditional’ release of one Madam Sia Lucinda Sandi, who is presently detained in police cells, as the prime suspect, in the alleged murder investigation.

Certificate presented so far to the police by the alleged murder suspect to substantiate that she is a state registered nurse

Madam Sia Lucinda Sandi, of 70 New Site, Wellington, stands accused of killing Bintu Saccoh of No.60 Kissy Road, Freetown, as a result of the former’s alleged involvement in the process that preceded the death of the latter at Sandi’s Gganneh Health Center in Wellington, Freetown.

Sources have it that the deceased initially visited the aforementioned Health Center on the 2nd November 2009. Bintu Saccoh reportedly complained of stomach ache, and the suspect was said to have earlier referred her for tests in another hospital.

Sources furthered that Bintu Saccoh paid another visit to the same Health Center on the 8th March 2010 complaining stomach ache again.

The identities of the two men are unknown. But they were pointed to the Awreness Times as the two men allegedly sent by APC big guns to interfere with the murder investigations.

The suspect Sandi, who has been serving the said Health Center as a Nurse, was said to have admitted and administered some drugs on the deceased. Hospital sources said the condition of Bintu Saccoh continued to deteriorate until her demise on the 17th March 2010.

Brother of the deceased, Yusuf Saccoh, reported the matter to the police, leading to the arrest and subsequent detention of Sia Lucinda Sandi.

In an interview with the complainant, he insisted that her sister was ‘murdered’ by the ‘fake’ nurse, adding that the family is not happy with the manner in which their relative met her ‘untimely death’.

He insisted that the matter would be pursued until justice is done.

“I have reported the matter to the police and am presently looking up to them to charge the matter to court” he said, adding that his sister suffered severe bleeding and pain prior to her demise.

He further expressed fear for the unsuspecting patients who continue to visit the said Health Center for treatment. “We must prove whether or not the nurse and her medical center are qualified to operate in the country” he insisted, whilst alleging that there have been several incidences of this nature in the same health center.

The Awareness Times Newspaper has also learnt that the incident has succeeded in dividing the Saccoh family into two factions. One of the factions is insisting that the matter be charged to court, whilst the other prefers an out of court settlement.

Police at the Ross Road Division have confirmed to the Awareness Times Newspaper that they have already written a letter to the Crime Management at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), requesting that the already buried remains of the deceased be exhumed for postmortem by a Pathologist.

Police sources have also confirmed that the suspect Sia Lucinda Sandi has proved reluctant to submit proofs that she is a qualified nurse, on grounds that she will only submit such proofs in a court of law. Also, it has been revealed that the only document so far submitted by the suspect to substantiate her claim as a nurse is a certificate issued by the Sierra Leone Traditional Healers Association, signed by one Alhaji B.M.S Turay.

Sources close to the suspect have meanwhile insisted that she is a trained and state registered nurse.

The Awareness Times is still following the events unfolding in the matter and will publish the details as they unfold.

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