From Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown

Paul Kamara vs. Lilian Lisk
Mar 24, 2010, 17:20

Excerpts from For Di People Newspaper of Tuesday 23rd March 2010 in an article titled: Who is Lilian Lisk?

"Journalism does not force you to swallow hook, line and sinker what the papers write but lay before you the facts of the matter, or supposedly. Truth is the guidepost of journalism and nothing but the truth. Although truth can be said to be relative as many often argue, yet the fact remains that there is a universal truth and that truth for the journalist whether he is religious or an atheist should be the professional guide".

The present Mines Minister Alpha Kanu could testify the pleadings by Lilian Lisk through him to For Di People to relent when she was seriously cornered and was to go to jail because of the tons of exposures she never dreamt were known. Did Lilian not bribe Le5m to Obed Rowe and Desmond Conteh just to win over FDP editor? And was she not ready to give FDP more than that of which Frank Kposowa now an SLPP parliamentarian then SLAJ president, can attest to when she wanted a parley with FDP and the editor refused? Normally, some journalists don’t say these things but it has reached a point, where names should be mentioned so that the individuals are at liberty to deny or not.

Again, with such a bad past record of raping our waters and involving in illegalities which had even stretched her to court, (we don’t need to repeat all those thousand and one articles that impelled Lilian Lisk to go on tranquilizers at the time or prevailed upon Alpha Kanu to beg FDP), should Lilian Lisk be the person to tell the Anti-Corruption that she bribed Afsatu for which she has been sacked when she was not found wanting in carrying her job. I hope President Koroma quickly understands this country because it is deeper than just the surface.

We might take positions but certainly we must be guided by the truth. Besides, even Sylvia Blyden of Awareness Times has openly stated how Lilian spoke to her on two occasions to talk to Afsatu about her actions to bring sanity to the fishing industry. Bribe-taking is common in Sierra Leone and I wonder whether Lilian would take an oath if she believes in God at all, that she hasn’t bribed anybody, of which this very writer, she had tried to bribe but failed.

Let me state here, that Lilian is a very generous woman and this writer could’ve been assisted immensely by Lilian if he was the type. But has always been frank with her even on the few times they’d met but bold enough to tell how she can profit herself and the nation. This writer might’ve benefited more than any other journalist perhaps, the only one to had come closer was the late editor Roy Stevens Kawigokor, who later fell out with Lilian for what this writer would keep a secret.

One would therefore ask about the warped mentality the Lilian camp is talking about when the four other fingers point directly towards them? Is the pro-Lilian camp not been goaded by what they might’ve received in bribes offered by Lilian?

Let us change our attitude to help President Ernest or he will not succeed at all, because those who want to maintain the system are the all-powerful and except he is determined to be the Liberator, I repeat, Ernest will find it pretty tough.

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