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APC Ministerís Twin Brother Issues Warning to APC
Apr 6, 2010, 17:28

Prolific social commentator Mr. Oswald Hanciles who is the twin brother of the APC-led Governmentís Deputy Minister of Transport & Aviation, Mr. Osmond Hanciles, has warned that the Ernest Koroma Government is losing the moral ground insofar as their propagation of information to counter the intellectual criticisms of the regimeís excesses. This warning follows the use of highly defamatory and malicious tactics by the APCís Foreign Ministerís Spokesman as the official reaction to the report that the Foreign Minister Zainab Hawa Bangura, was culpable of corruption insofar as her "improperly ordering the employment of one Abdulai Bayraytay as Spokesperson for the Foreign Affairs Ministry, without causing the said Abdulai Bayraytay to go through genuine recruitment procedures".

Bayraytay: Employee

Oswald Hanciles usually hides away his close relationship with his Minister twin brother Osmond, whilst writing his Ďindependentí articles on national issues but this time, within a few hours of each other, Mr. Oswald Hanciles released two articles onto the Internet on the related issue. The first one at 5:50pm on Saturday April 3rd 2010 finally confirmed he was the twin brother of an APC Minister and the second one just a few hours later was one in which he expressed serious worries over the direction that the APC led Governmentís propaganda was taking.

According to the APC Ministerís twin brother, "The APC government is in power. They have, directly, and indirectly, the resources to mobilize the best of journalists, thinkers, writers, columnists, to address the issues being raised by Sylvia Blyden. They are being challenged, like the SLPP was, to Ďgo to warí with their intellectual challengers" but then he continues with his dire observation as follows:

The Anti Corruption: Protecting Sacred Cows

"The APC government, as the governing party, does not need pen butchers. It needs pen surgeons skilled in handling words like scalpels. If they begin to attack the person of Sylvia Blyden (even if it is their hired pen mercenaries who do so), it would surely appear as if they are scared of her; and they would come out as being indecent. And would lose the PR battle".

Meanwhile, two of the four newspaper editors who carried the defamatory article in question on behalf of Abdulai Bayraytay, have already of their own volition without being prompted, issued very sincere apologies to Dr. Sylvia Blyden.

Bangura: Employer

Meanwhile, based on credible information, it is clear that this libellous article saga is definitely going to grow interesting dimensions as the days go by. Stay tuned to these news pages.

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