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SLPP Against Corrupt Sacred Cows
Apr 9, 2010, 17:30

The main Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) has vehemently expressed distaste for the selectivity in the so-called fight against corruption in Sierra Leone. At their Inaugural Monthly Press Meeting yesterday April 8th 2010, the Chairman of the SLPP, stated in no equivocal terms that the party was not impressed with the manner in which the Anti Corruption Commission has been selective in its duties. SLPP condemned what it called the regime’s corrupt sacred cows. Whilst no specific names were mentioned, it will be recalled that press reports in various local newspapers have unearthed massive corruption of various shapes and sizes that the Foreign Minister Zainab Hawa Bangura has been up to but which corrupt actions have all been overlooked by the Abdul Tejan-Cole led Anti Corruption Commission to the amazement of observers.

However, popular female politician, Haja Afsatu Kabba known to be perceived as not friendly to Zainab Bangura’s ambitions, was recently subjected to some of the most unwarranted public humiliation ever in the History of this country by Zainab Bangura’s close ally Abdul Tejan-Cole who currently heads the ACC.

ACC Eagle now has two big eyes but can't see a Sacred Cow's Corruption because of Abdul Tejan-Cole link?

In the process of humiliating this perceived antagonist of Zainab Bangura, Commissioner Abdul Tejan-Cole led ACC has been accused of a gross abuse of authority, spiteful leakages of information against Afsatu Kabba to the media and arrogant breaches of the country’s laid down criminal procedure and anti-corruption laws of the land. The ACC has not reacted to any of these criticisms.

It will be clearly recalled that in Year 2002 when Zainab Bangura fiercely contested against President Ernest Koroma for the Presidency of this Nation, during which she scored 0.002% of the National Votes, the person whom she most trusted to leave in her seat as Head of her Campaign for Good
Governance NGO, was this very same Abdul Tejan-Cole.

“Abdul Tejan-Cole now molesting Haja Afsatu Kabba with armed policemen, conniving journalists and a shamefully rushed criminal arraignment because he perceives Afsatu as an antagonist of Zainab Bangura, his very corrupt sacred cow, has strong ties to Bangura that go back several years and span numerous social and political activities between the two people,” a knowledgeable source opined to this newspaper.

Madam Zainab Hawa Bangura The Big Sacred Cow of State House & Anti-Corruption!!
Wey We Indian Res?

Last month, after Afsatu Kabba was indicted, Zainab Bangura and Tejan-Cole were in New York during which Zainab Bangura made all sorts of comments at the United Nations obviously directed against Afsatu Kabba. The indictment of Afsatu Kabba was then widely hailed on the floors of the United Nations as a sure sign that President Koroma’s regime had no more sacred cows. This was however far from the truth as many, many citizens know otherwise with Zainab Bangura herself being the most famous of all of President Koroma’s regime’s sacred cows.

All in all, it is these kinds of lapses and selective justice that the SLPP is believed to be citing in the segment of their Press Statement reproduced below:


On November 12, 2009, we (SLPP) wrote a letter to H.E. President Koroma highlighting several instances of corruption and nepotism. We even requested for a meeting with the President to discuss salient national issues. Our endeavour was, however, dismissed as ‘cheap politics’. Few weeks later, we were vindicated by a statement from H.E. to a cross section of the public service where he accepted massive corruption in the APC government…

We also commend recent actions by the Anti Corruption Commission in proffering charges and securing convictions for economic crimes committed by those in positions of authority who should lead by example. As a party we will always support them in any genuine drive to rid or minimise corruption in our country. However we detest and will continue to vehemently oppose selective justice and the existing prevalence of ‘untouchables’ and ‘sacred cows’ in the fight against institutional graf

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