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If Abdul Tejan-Cole is a Honourable Man
By Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden
Apr 12, 2010, 19:14

One of Sierra Leone’s outstanding lawyers spoke to me over the weekend and he asked me if I still considered Anti Corruption Commissioner Abdul Tejan-Cole as “a brilliant lawyer and a man of integrity”? He was sarcastically using the precise words I had once used to strongly defend Abdul Tejan-Cole to this very same lawyer some few months back. My response was that I am weighing the odds depending on whether Tejan-Cole does the honourable thing soonest: i.e: RESIGN!

No honourable man worth his salt will continue to sit in ACC Commissioner seat in wake of shoddiness, shabbiness and recent mal-practices which have plagued his institution that is supposed to be berthed in the Sea of Integrity! When I read last Friday as a member of ACC Advisory Board made innuendoes that I had been collecting ten million leones monthly from a supposed Government Fisheries Project, as a citizen, I hung my head at paucity of integrity emanating from our ACC. Yes, ACC belongs to me, to you and to all Sierra Leoneans. So, is this what OUR ACC has been reduced to? Manufacturing nonsense against journalists who stand up against their excesses? Yes, if I were Abdul Tejan-Cole, I would have resigned from the ACC by now but I am not Abdul. My name is Sylvia Olayinka Blyden.

As for those innuendoes and misdirected allegations, let me just recall here the adage that Creole Churches have various pews for seating and sometimes you might be in the right church but wrong pew. It looks like someone has entered the wrong pew and wants me to direct him/her to where he/she should be seated. It will be my pleasure! Na Ten Million Leones Normor? (suck teeth!).

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