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Sierra Leone Corruption & "Her Excellency" Zainab Hawa Bangura! - full version
By Citizens’ Advocates
Apr 13, 2010, 18:18

SLPP Cabinet Minister Hon. Momoh Pujeh,
SLPP Cabinet Minister Dr. Harry Will,
SLPP Sec-Gen & Cabinet Minister Dr. Prince Harding,
Senior Appeals Court Judge Hon. Taju-Deen,
Indian Rice Bockarie Kakay of ‘Harmony-Rouba’

The above is a sampling of an endless list of Cabinet Ministers, senior Government functionaries and private individuals, under the visionary President Tejan Kabbah led SLPP Government, who were investigated and/or dragged to High Court by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to be convicted of corruption during the erstwhile SLPP Government.

However, if one listens to the questionable propaganda spouting off the mouth of Foreign Minister Zainab Hawa Bangura a few days ago on the floor of the United Nations, one would imagine that it was only under this regime of Ernest Bai Koroma that Cabinet Ministers started being prosecuted for corruption in Sierra Leone. Total Hogwash!

The reality is that even without the much-touted "teeth" that ACC was given two years ago, as far back as the Year 2000, Cabinet Ministers had been investigated and prosecuted by ACC without hindrance from former President Tejan Kabbah. However, it would appear as if Schulenburg, (the UN man in Sierra Leone who is indisputably pandering to Zainab Bangura’s wishes), is ignorant of these worthy anti-corruption developments that pre-dated his arrival on Sierra Leone soil.

Schulenburg might also be ignorant of the contents of certain select files hiding safely away at the Abdul Tejan Cole led ACC such as the file with document reference DOC/IF/2008/006 (more on this if need be!!!). This can be the only reason why Schulenburg teamed up with Zainab Bangura to heap such UNDESERVED praises on President Koroma in New York few days ago as if the conviction and/or indictment of Cabinet Ministers are unprecedented developments in this country. Shame; Shame; Shame on you Mr. Schulenburg!!

As the facts about the corruption that has laden the Ministry of Foreign Affairs [with the active participation of the heavily corrupt and immoral Foreign Minister], now come tumbling to light, one is left to ponder as to just whom are the sacred cows in this regime. Has any sacred cow been indicted so far by Abdul Tejan Cole headed Anti Corruption Commission? Afsatu Kabba has never been a sacred cow protected by State House from being indicted as Page 19 of the Income Electrix Report clearly states that absolutely nothing corrupt was found to have happened during her emergency restoration of power supply to Freetown. So why should the poor woman be portrayed by Zainab Bangura and Micky Schulenburg to the United Nations and the Diaspora as a "sacred cow"?

It is now appearing to keen observers that Haja Afsatu Kabba was deliberately set up as a fall-guy for this regime’s notoriously corrupt activities; all well-timed to coincide with the UNSG’s Periodic UNIPSIL Report and presentation to the United Nations Peacebuilding floor which is why the overt commentary from an immoral Zainab Bangura about sacred cows being indicted by her protégé-led Anti Corruption Commission. It was all pretty well timed and poor Afsatu Kabba was just a pawn in a larger chess game.

Indeed it is so ironical! There was Zainab Hawa Bangura spouting out hogwash, rubbish and total nonsense to New York about "no more sacred cows in Sierra Leone" when we all in Sierra Leone fully well know that Zainab Hawa Bangura is the biggest of all the sacred cows in this country. Just look at how she has been abusing her office to illegally employ square pegs like Bayraytay in round holes at the Foreign Ministry? Whoever heard of a Child Protection Social Worker, like Bayraytay was, catapulted to become a Foreign Office Spokesman of a serious country’s Government?

Is Ernest Koroma a serious President? If so, why is Bayraytay being allowed to publicly misbehave under the guise of a Foreign Office Spokesman? Only Totally Nonsense, & Unserious Government will have likes of Bayraytay spouting out the filth which he recently splashed over newspaper pages as official Foreign Office response to serious issues! As for Shekito, the less said..!

Can we compare Gordon Brown’s ethical approach to such slimy behaviour from aides with that of Sierra Leone’s Koroma? Nope!

However, one of the main problems facing this country for now is that between Zainab Bangura’s intertwined relationship with Transparency International through her National Accountability Group (NAG) and with International Center for Transitional Justice through her protégé, the ACC’s Abdul Tejan Cole, we have data highly suspected of being skewed, now sent out to the world about how corruption & transitional justice indices are improving in the country. Hogwash!!

For a start, we all had put the spectacle of Rape of our women and incessant Armed Robbery of our houses far behind us by September 2007 but they are all re-emerging as clear signs that our transitional justice initiatives might not be having the desired effects. Within 48 hours of the President apologising to the Women of Sierra Leone for past subjugations they suffered, his own Personal Press Secretary Shekito Tarawalie and his Foreign Office Spokesman Abdulai Bayraytay were conniving to spread slimy libellous trash against the country’s only female newspaper Publisher for daring to expose hitherto hidden corruption in this regime! That is how ‘sincere’ the transitional justice initiatives have been that the ICTJ is busy commending. Shame; Shame; Shame on the International Center for Transitional Justice in South Africa!

As for corruption, the indisputable reality is that the fight against corruption is at an even worse condition than it was under former President Kabbah who, unlike President Ernest Koroma, did not have a Foreign Minister who could lie straightfacedly like Mrs. Zainab Bangura is now shamefully lying to the international world.

But the wise ones say that a Lie can only go so far... The citizens of Sierra Leone know the real sacred cows in Sierra Leone right now whom no amount of propaganda will shield. Afsatu Kabba was carefully set up as the fall guy for the international world but Sierra Leoneans are not fools. They know that the Sacred Cows of Sierra Leone include their Foreign Minister Zainab Hawa Bangura who disgracefully penned down a letter to the Indian Government on official Sierra Leone Government Letterhead begging, from the Government and People of India, like an innate beggar (beggar-beggar!)!

This Government wrote to beg for discounted rice to alleviate the plight of ‘starving Sierra Leoneans’ only for the rice to arrive and get sold for profit to line up corrupt pockets; all of this without revealing information of the lie-lie and tiffy-tiffy deal to the public as would be expected of a transparent and accountable Government! That’s Corruption at its worst! NO TRANSPARENCY and NO ACCOUNTABILITY!

In the wake of this corruption by the Sierra Leone Foreign Minister, her husband, Mr. Sheki Bangura, as Chairman of Board of the Sierra Leone Commercial Bank Ltd., proceeded to acquiesce to a clandestinely executed plan, subsequently endorsed by the Judiciary, for issuance of Letters of Credit to tune of no less than four million dollars to the maverick successor of a suspicious new company which had folded up within one year of its existence only to leave huge debts unpaid to the same Bank now issuing new huge Letters of Credit with non-sustainable collateral! [It is only now that collateral like those two Mansions (siblings’ own) along Adonkia are being structured upwards, complete with Penthouse and all!]. Prior to this, ‘ROUBA the Robber’ had little or nothing in the form of collateral!

And in all of this, the Anti Corruption Commission’s Abdul Tejan-Cole continues to turn a blind eye but readily troops behind his mentor Madam Zainab Bangura to New York last month from Egypt where the duo continued to fool the world that there are now no sacred cows in Sierra Leone as the alleged sacred cow has been indicted and so the fight against corruption in Sierra Leone must be lauded when it is really just a bunch of baloney and a load of hogwash they were serving out at the United Nations!

And before ending, just who is this "private individual" who is to be indicted for corruption as quoted below by the corrupt and immoral Foreign Minister? Could it be that newspaper proprietor over those blackboards wahala and over his four other outstanding case files at ACC?

Finally, last but definitely not least; Just who is Cocorioko Newspaper referring to as "Her Excellency" in the piece published around the world on the Internet Cocorioko newspaper of Tuesday March 26th 2010 and reproduced below?

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Ms. Zainab Hawa Bangura said in New York this morning (Tuesday, 26th March, 2010) that the government of Sierra Leone has made significant strides in the pursuit of sustainable peace in Sierra Leone... Furthering her showcase of the efforts by government in peace consolidation, she made reference to government’s efforts in consistently combating drug trafficking, and corruption in particularly high places. "The recent indictment of high-profiled public and private individuals are a clear manifestation of President Ernest Bai Koroma’s resolve that sacred cows are things of the past," Her Excellency affirmed.
- Cocorioko Newspaper (Tuesday March 26th 2010)

Her Excellency Zainab Bangura??? A corrupt, immoral woman like Zainab Hawa Bangura turns to President of Sierra Leone?

May Governor Clarkson’s Prayer forbid such an occurrence!! She is not yet President and just look at the Indian Rice corruption she embarked on. If she turns President now...?

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