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Sierra Leone Environment Protection Agency (SLEPA) Public Notice
Apr 21, 2010, 17:00

Sierra Leone Environment Protection Agency (SLEPA)

It has come to the attention of the Sierra Leone Environment Protection Agency (SLEPA) that a number of development projects are being undertaken by Government Departments, Local Authorities and the Private Sector without due compliance with the Environment Protection Agency Act, 2008.

SLEPA therefore wishes to inform Government Ministries, local authorities, NGOs and the General Public that:

1. Any person who wishes to undertake or cause to be undertaken any of t he projects set out in the First Schedule of the Act shall apply to the Agency for an environmental impact assessment (EIM) licence.
2. Projects or undertakings in the First Schedule of the Act that require an ELA Licence include:

(a) Substantial changes in renewable resource use (e.g. conversion of land to agricultural production, forestry or to pasture land, rural development, timber production);
(b) Substantial changes in farming and fisheries practices (e.g. introduction of new crops, large scale mechanisation or use of chemicals in agriculture);
(c) Exploitation of hydraulic resources (e.g. dams, drainage and irrigation projects, water basin development, water supply);
(d) Infrastructure (e.g. roads, bridges, airports, harbours, transmission lines, pipelines, railways);
(e) Industrial activities (e.g. metallurgical plants, wood processing plants, chemical plants, power plants, cement plants, refinery and petro-chemical plants, agro-industries).
(f) Extractive industries (e.g. mining, quarrying, extraction of sand, gravel, salt, peat, oil and gas);
(g) Waste management and disposal (e.g. sewerage systems and treatment plants, landfills, treatment plants for household and hazardous waste); (h) Housing construction and development schemes;
(h) Housing construction and development schemes;
(i) Establishment of places of entertainment, motor repair garages and welding shops; and
(j) Importation of second hand vehicles.

3. The application shall be accompanied by a description of the proposed project to be undertaken.
4. The Agency shall, within fourteen days of receiving an application decide whether an environmental impact assessment is required of the project.
5. An applicant shall, where a decision has been taken that a project requires an ElA Licence, prepare and submit to the Agency an environmental, social and health impact assessment (ESHIA) study in respect of the proposed project.
6. The Agency shall, after receiving an environmental, social and health impact assessment (ESHIA), circulate it to professional bodies or associations, Government Ministries and Non-governmental Organizations for their Comments.
7. The Agency shall open the ESHIA for public inspection and comments and shall give notice to that effect in two consecutive issues of the Gazette and two issues in a newspaper, except that in the case of a newspaper there shall be an interval of at least seven days between the first and second publications.

In a bid to ensure environmentally sound and sustainable development in Sierra Leone all developers or proponents with projects that may cause significant change to the environment must apply for an El A Licence to the Sierra Leone Environment Protection Agency (SLEPA), located on the 3rd floor of the Youyi Building. Failure to comply with the EPA Act of 2008 is a punishable offense. You have been warned.

For further information or clarification please contact us at our office or by cell phone through Messrs Stephen S. J. Jusu (076-630784), Momodu A. Bah (078-350627) and Edward P. Bendu (076-749024).

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