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German Consultant Dr. Joechen Pfeiffer Ends Assignment with The Sierra Leone Chamber of Agriculture
Apr 15, 2010, 12:09

Dr Jochen Pfeiffer                                                                                          April 12, 2010

Senior Expert Service (SES) Germany

Presently assigned to:

The Sierra Leone Chamber of Agriculture 


Senior Expert from Germany supporting The Sierra Leone Chamber of Agriculture (SLCoA)


The Senior Expert Service of Germany is a non-profit organization mobilizing retired professionals for volunteer activities in the framework of international cooperation. About 8.000 highly qualified Senior Experts provide their lifetime experiences in order to contribute to the economic development of the host nations on technical assistance basis, without commercial interests. They have retired on full pay and thus in a position to work on honorary basis, with the support of the German government, helping developing countries


The request for assignment of The Sierra Leone Chamber of Agriculture (SLCoA) in August 2009, asked for assistance in developing a 5-year organizational and operational plan for the Chamber, a fund raising plan, and the development of its human resource capacity. Being the principal private sector partner of the Government for promoting private investments in agriculture in Sierra Leone, the SLCoA is to become an effective organizer, facilitator and advocate for its membership, their issues and needs. Clearly, effective support for farmers and agribusiness is urgently needed in Sierra Leone and the expectations of the members of the Chamber for technical services are great. Private farmers of all categories and businesses need assistance and support in the areas of production, processing and marketing.


The Strategic Plan of the SLCoA has been drafted. It foresees strategic issues like private sector promotion, financing, access to know how, business and market information, marketing standards and last but not least capacity building of the Chamber itself. The strategic issues have to be broken down into projects outlining details for implementation. Capacity building of the Chamber and particularly of its human resources is addressed.


For a retired agricultural economist who has spent many years of his professional career in West Africa and who was assigned to the GTZ BoPujehun Rural Development Project 25 years ago, I found the assignment a challenging task, indeed. The fact, that the Chairman of the Board of the Chamber, Mr. Sanusi Deen, is the Representative of the German Senior Expert Service in Sierra Leone has certainly facilitated the arrangement with the German partners. Other requests from other branches of the Sierra Leonean economy might follow to contribute to institution building of national business and development organizations and to the economic development of Sierra Leone.


It was a great pleasure for me, returning to Sierra Leone after 25 years and working with the Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and food Security, Donors, NGOs, farmers and the newly appointed Executive Secretary and staff of the Sierra Leone Chamber of Agriculture in developing the strategic plan of the Chamber.  


Dr Jochen Pfeiffer returns to Germany on Monday April 13 2010  at the end of his assignment.   

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