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Sierra Leone Stock Exchange Company Limited Job Vacancy
Apr 21, 2010, 17:08


The Governing Council of the Sierra Leone Stock Exchange Company Limited is hereby inviting applications from suitably qualified Sierra Leoneans to fill the position of Director General. The Director General shall be appointed by the Council for a predetermined fixed term not exceeding four years and be eligible for reappointment for a further term determined by the Council not exceeding four years and meet the qualifications and experience prescribed as follows:

(i) a masters degree or equivalent professional qualification relating to finance, economics, banking, law and insurance;
(ii) at least ten years’ experience at a senior management level in maters relating to law, finance, accounting, economics, banking or insurance;
(iii) expertise in matters relating to money or capital markets or finance;
(iv) demonstrated competence and an excellent knowledge of investment banking and securities dealing will be an advantage;
(v) useful grasp and appreciation of investment opportunities in a developing country;
(vi) demonstrated ability to provide effective leadership, proactive in developing strategies and a strong record of delivering results;
(vii) strong communication skills (written oral and presentational);
(viii) ability to establish and maintain effective collaborative relationships with stakeholders;
(ix) the successful candidate must be a challenging and visionary leader with vigorous approach and must have the ability to lead, motivate and develop a team of qualified professionals; and
(x) must be computer literate.Key Responsibilities

1. The Director General shall be responsible for the day to day management of the operations of the Exchange under the general direction and control of the Council. The functions of the Director General shall include the following:

(i) enforcing the provisions of the Act and the rules of the Exchange and immediately report any violations to the Council and the appropriate Authority;

(ii) ensuring compliance with the requirements of the Act, and rules in operations, transactions and all affairs of the Exchange including listings and continuous reporting obligations of listed companies;
(iii) supervising the trading activities of the Exchange and taking all necessary steps to maintain orderly and efficient trading and functioning of facilities, in accordance with the rules and as prescribed by the Act;
(iv) report periodically to the Council on all maters concerning the operations and affairs of the Exchange;
(v) ensure proper management of the Trading Floor facility including security and custody of all records as prescribed in the Act and the rules;

(vi) attend all meetings of the committees and provide technical input where necessary.
(vii) promote the objectives and functions of the Exchange and liaison with the Authority and its representatives in respect of administrative and technical matters of the Exchange; and
(viii) any other functions as may be assigned or delegated by the Council.

Applications with copies of all relevant certificates, Curriculum Vitae and names of three (3) referees are to be submitted to the Sierra Leone Stock Exchange Company Limited C/o Lennap Services Limited, 12 Wilberforce Street, Freetown or send soft copies to, not later than 30 April 2010.

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