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Apr 20, 2010, 15:14


For Participation in the Tender for the Concession to Operate and Manage the Bo Funeral Home


The Bo City Council is the municipal Government entity of the city of Bo, in the Southern Province of Sierra Leone. Section 45 (4) of the Local Government Act of 2004 (LGA 2004) mandates local councils to generate revenue from several sources.

As part of its revenue generation/investment programmes, the Council develops and implements various forms of social and commercial infrastructure to serve the municipality. Within this framework, the BCC commissioned the Bo Funeral Home (BFH) project in September 2009 as part of the administrationfs infrastructure development programme. The main goal of this project is to alleviate the problems experienced by residents of the city and neighboring communities in preparing corpses prior to interment.

The project is expected to be completed end May 2010. The BCC intends to operate the BFH through a Private Sector Participation (PSP) transaction. The BCC also intends to implement the PSP transaction in a manner that guarantees a fair and transparent selection to ensure that a reputable and/or competent operator and business management firm is secured to (if necessary invest in) and operate the Bo Funeral Home, thereby bringing the greatest possible benefits to the owner (BCC) and the general public.

Invitation to Participate

The Bo City Council is inviting private sector businesses and organizations to apply for the operation and management of the Bo Funeral Home based on Concession Agreement. More detailed information regarding the opportunity and the manner and timing in which the tender is to be conducted will be available in the tender and transaction documents.@Participation in the tender is open to all interested parties who:

1. submit an Application Form;
2. sign a Confidentiality Agreement; and
3. Pay an application fee of Le 100,000.00 to the Treasury Section of the Bo City Council

The above Application Form and Confidentiality Agreement can be collected at the Bo City Council office or downloaded at the website of the transaction advisers at

Participants in the selection process will be required to fulfill, amongst others, the following criteria:

1. Having experience in operating at least 1 Funeral Home within the last 5 years, and
2. Able to demonstrate a financial net worth of Le 100 million.

Participants may form a consortium with other parties, and submit a Bid under guidelines and conditions that shall be defined in the Transaction Documents. Participants will receive the tender documents and other Transaction Documents once the Bo City Council confirms receipt of a completed Application Form, signed Confidentiality Agreement and the application fee. The BCC reserves the right to modify or terminate this Tender at any time.

More information about the opportunity can be found in the Information Notice, which is available at the offices of the Transaction Advisors:

4th Floor
35a Lightfoot Boston Street
Tel: 076-305000
E mail:
Bo City Council
Coronation Field Road
Tel: 076-396530
E mail:

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