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In Sierra Leone, Presidential Affairs Ministry, Media to Dialogue on APRM
By Aruna Turay
Apr 28, 2010, 17:26

The Ministry of Presidential and Public Affairs and a team of selected journalists drawn from various media houses in Sierra Leone will be meeting in Freetown today Wednesday 28th April 2010 to dialogue on the popularization of the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) process in Sierra Leone.

The meeting is basically aimed at bringing journalists to work on a media outreach strategy for the effective popularization of the APRM process.

It could be noted that the African Peer Review Mechanism is a process of performance evaluation by Africans on African Government in an effort to promote good governance through the identification and application of best practices in democracy and good political governance, economic governance and management, good socio-economic development and good corporate governance.

However, Sierra Leone is one of the countries in West Africa that is participating in the APRM implementation process and Technical Research Institutions (TRI) have been deployed to undertake nation-wide governance assessment. The successful conduct of the governance assessment requires in-depth national popularization of the APRM process.

To achieve this, the National Governing Council viewed the role of the media in the popularization of the APRM process as critical and it is in this regard that the ministry has thought it fit to dialogue with the media on the process.

Mr. M.S. Jalloh on behalf of the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Presidential and Public Affairs informed this press that at the end of the dialogue, it is hoped that journalists would have gained wider knowledge on the APRM process and will be able to popularize the process to the public.

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