From Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown

Tony Blair’s Operatives Fail to Attend Complaint Hearing in Sierra Leone
By Staff Writers
May 3, 2010, 18:51

An eleven paragraphed complaint dated 23rd April 2010 against the Awareness Times newspaper that was supposed to have held its First Hearing last Friday April 30th 2010 at the Independent Media Commission in Freetown was abandoned to its own devices by the Tony Blair Africa Governance Initiative which made absolutely no-show at the Hearing that they themselves called for.

The Project Leader, Paul Skidmore, who signed the complaint did not show up so also did not a single one of the young graduates, sent here by Mr. Tony Blair, show up in person to even explain their absence.

Speaking after she was kept waiting until 4:30pm with not a single human being from the Tony Blair group coming to defend their complaint against the newspaper, the newspaper’s Publisher, Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden expressed regret that Tony Blair’s numerous representatives in Sierra Leone all seemed to have “cowardly run away” from their own complaint to the IMC after she was invited “with an emergency letter summoning Awareness Times to appear with less than 24 hours notice”.

“We are so eager to have the IMC look into this Tony Blair’s long complaint letter but none of these folks turned up to defend against what we wrote of Mr. Tony Blair’s questionable actions. Sierra Leone and the global media have missed out on yet another chance to learn many things such as just where the money comes from to pay that £560,000 - Five Hundred and Sixty Thousand Pounds Sterling - annual rent on Mr. Tony Blair’s plush Windrush No. 3 Ltd offices located in the north-east corner of London’s Mayfair Grovesnor Square,” Sylvia Blyden opined adding that maybe the Tony Blair complainants might turn up at the next Hearing Date which is yet to be scheduled by the IMC.

Mr. Christo Johnson the Chairman of the IMC’s Complaints Committee has however assured that the IMC will “write and tell Awareness Times” when the next Hearing into the complaint will be held.

Meanwhile, an obscure, previously-unknown media grouping calling itself the Sierra Leone International Media Organisation, has had its Press Release in defence of Tony Blair dismissed by Sylvia Blyden.

“I am not a house-slave pandering to the whims and caprices of a white slave-master. I have my own mind and God gave me the ability to logically look at issues and question anything I am in doubt of. Mr. Tony Blair owes the people of this beautiful country an explanation and possibly, even an apology. The sooner Tony Blair explains precisely how he has spent that ten billion leones equivalent that he has collected to assist Sierra Leone, the better for Tony Blair. All longwinded and boring press releases are just that: boring and of no significance to the issue,” Sylvia Blyden ended.

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