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In Sierra Leone, Deputy Chief of Defense Staff gives Media Report
By Dauda Koroma
May 3, 2010, 18:58

The Deputy Chief of Defense Staff, Brigadier Yerah Koroma has on Friday 30th April 2010 at a press briefing at Defence Ministry, Tower Hill in Freetown briefed journalists about their joint operation with the Sierra Leone Police in a bid to secure lives and properties.

Brigadier Yerah Koroma disclosed that among other things the operation has ensured their visible presence along the borders to curtail armed robbers, prevent deforestation, smugglers, and offering the Bumbuna Dam maximum security. The successes of the joint operation since its inception he said has yielded dividend as the spate of armed robbery which was an astronomicala increase has been decreased considerably. Moreover Brig. Koroma claimed that the vandalizing of state properties especially high tension electric cables are now under control and boasted that the contingent sent for Peace Keeping operation in Sudan are demonstrating high operational standards to the admiration of the world. According to him the reconnaissance company of this contingent is providing proficient escort duties for key personalities especially during the recent elections in Sudan.

"Because of their high display of security alertness, the Peace Keeping Mission now uses our camp in Dafur to park vehicles for safe keeping. At the moment this camp is hosting 97 assorted vehicles belonging to the UNAMID", he informed.

Brigadier Koroma further revealed that even though kidnapping is on the increase in Dafur, the Sierra Leone contingent is repelling most kidnappers.

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