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Child Rescue Centre Sierra Leone (CRC S/L) United Methodist Church Job Applicant Requirements
May 3, 2010, 18:43




Job Position & Title:         Business Manager

Job Start:                  Immediately

Job Location:                    Child Rescue Centre (CRC)

                                Kulanda Town, Bo, Sierra Leone

Job Opportunity Summary

This job provides a qualified male or female, with an opportunity to work in a vibrant Christian environment.  The work involves managing all financial and accounting matters for a multinational organization and seeking counsel in areas of accounting, investments, or economics when appropriate.  The successful candidate will work with and be supported by a team of caring Christian believers focused on transforming the lives of children, youth and young adults into disciples of Jesus Christ.

The main duties of the Business Manager are:

1. Advise the Programme Director on financial and administrative issues.

2. Establish an effective and successful accounting system (preferably by using  Quick Books) for the CRC.

3. Develop and put into practice financial accounting templates and tools that permit the efficient recording, tracking, analysis and reporting of financial affairs at the CRC.

4. Responsible for planning, organizing, implementing, and controlling a quarterly, annual and five-year budget for the  CRC.

5. Prepare and provide regular, frequent and timely reports to CRC Director, CRC Supervisory Committee and African Programs in the USA.

6. Oversee all departmental accounting activities, including managing income accounts and expense accounts.

7. Maintain all files and copies of accounting records on an on-going basis and ensure retention and readiness of annual records for auditing.

8. Conduct quarterly internal audit and support the conduct of annual independent audit.

9. Work with resident children to provide daily encouragement and academic tutoring to include reading program support, test preparation, homework advice and life skills training.

10. Work with the CRC post secondary students to establish and manage an appropriate upkeep budget and transportation allowances during and in between school terms.

11. Provide staff members with sound financial planning advice, training and counseling.

12. Work a flexible schedule to include some weekend and evening hours as part of tasks to support childrens academic and family time activities.

13. Shall be accountable to the Programme Director and perform additional duties as directed.

Job General Requirements

1. Committed Christian

2. Cross-cultural experience a plus

3. Must be in good health, energetic and capable of participating in activities

that require strenuous physical exertion including travel.

4. Candidate should be between the ages of 30 and 55 years.

Job Qualification and Experience

1. A professional qualification in accounting with a minimum of 5 years relevant professional experience of which 3 years of progressively responsible work experience in a Child Welfare Institution/Organization is required.

2. Must be able to oversee financial dealings with vendors and contractors.

3.Experience in negotiating best practice for all goods and services in support of the organization.

4. Have excellent communication skills both in writing and orally.  Can speak Krio, Mende, and English without hesitation.

5. Proficient in computer skills, operations and software tools.  At a minimum must have MS Word, MS Excel and email/Internet expertise.

6. Demonstrate good leadership skills and be a team player.

7. Must be willing to work a flexible weekly schedule and be involved with children and youth activities

Applications should reach the Director, Connectional Ministries, UMC House, 31 Lightfoot Boston Street, Freetown, or the Director, Child Rescue Centre,

BTVI Compound, Kulanda Town, Bo not later than May 15, 2010.

Applicants must include their contact addresses and current active cell phone numbers.

Please provide at least two professional letters of recommendation along with cell phone numbers of referees, one of them being your current/last employer.

Only short listed candidates will be contacted by cell phone.

Except otherwise advised, interviews will be conducted on Friday May 21, 2010 at CRC, Bo.

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