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May 3, 2010, 18:56



Alpha Timbo joins Presidential Race

One of the senior members of the SLPP, Alpha O. Timbo is according to reports officially declared his ambition to become the partys presidential candidate for the impending 2012 democratic elections. According to reports, Timbo says he is a better alternative to the current president of Sierra Leone.  Mr. Timbo is reported to have hinged this on his vast experiences in the governance of Sierra Leone.

SLPP celebrated Independence Anniversary in grand style

Reports monitored from the local media assert that thousands of the main opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) members, supporters, and sympathizers celebrated the 49th Independence Anniversary of their motherland in a grand style.  It is reported that because the occasion coincided with their partys 59th Birthday they converged at one of the partys strongholds, Kenema and shared the countrys health in pomp and pageantry. According to reports the partys loud celebration sent the ruling APC, and opposition PMDC into serious frenzy.

Female Chief calls for sensitization on Free Health Care

There are reports that the newly crowned Susu Section Chief in Freetown, Madam Yaa Alimamy Kargbo has called on the appropriate authorities to do more sensitizations on the freshly introduced Free Health Care.  Chief Madam Kargbo who also serves as the Director of Gender in the Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender, and Childrens Affairs is reported to be carrying an opinion that the lack of proper sensitization will render the health program fruitless because most of the targeted beneficiaries in the absence of understanding will not profit as expected.

Chief of Immigration warns against lawlessness

The Chief Immigration Officer, Alpha Kholifa Koroma has reportedly cautioned Africans to desist form violating Migration Laws.  The Immigration Chief is said to have made this warning while addressing participants in the Euro- Africa Conference on Illegal Migration recently held in Canary Island.  The conference reportedly focused on how Euro- Africa countries can apply efforts to combat the scourge of illegal migration.

Kemoh Sesay back home able-bodied

Local tabloids have alleged that the former Minister of Transport, Ibrahim Kemoh Sesay who was out of the country for medical attention is back out of harms way.  According to reports Mr. Sesay has made it known that he holds nobody responsible for his illness as was rumored sometimes back.  Although his sickness was attributed to traditional foul-play because of meddling with Paramount Chieftaincy elections, Kemoh Sesay is reported to have refuted these aspersions and said everything that happened was basically Allahs will.

Special Court bags 7.5 Million Dollars

The former prosecutor of the Special Court of Sierra Leone, Mr. Stephen J. Rapp ,who is now the Ambassador at Large for War Crimes is reported to have disclosed in Freetown that the American Government has donated a chunky sum of Seven Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars to the Special Court. According to reports the money is expected to augment the activities of the Court which is presently downsizing its staff.

Witch Plane crashes in Bo

Local tabloids have alleged that a mysterious supernormal activity occured recently in Bo City when a so-called Witch-Plane crashed during its witching journey. According to eyewitnesses the plane was seen going into motion from the canopy of a cotton tree at the Bo Government Hospital.  After minutes of hovering over the vicinity; the YMCA Primary School and the Agriculture Compound reports say the object was later seen plunging at a neck breaking speed.  Upon landing in a gutter, the object reportedly caught fire and latter left a steel iron wrapped in polythene bags as its remains which herbalist identified as a witch airplane.

Fake drugs flood markets again

Reports have it that there is a massive return of fake drugs into the Sierra Leone markets. According to reports even though Presidents of West Africa countries launched an international action against fake drugs last year, the act has surfaced again for which Senegal is considered the hub of the criminal network.

Red Cross hosts 6th West Coast Meeting

The Sierra Leone Red Cross Society in collaboration with the International Federation of Red Cross, and the Red Crescent Societies are reported to have recently organized a two-day West Coast Meeting at the Miatta Conference  Hall in Freetown. According to reports, the meeting comprised of six countries including Nigeria, Togo, Ivory Coast, Benin, and Sierra Leone.  The main purpose of the meeting according to news monitored was to strengthen the capacity of the organization in terms of health promotion, disasters management, development, and other important issues.

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