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Alpha Timbo declares for SLPP Flag bearer
By Bampia Bundu
May 4, 2010, 17:18

The former Minister of Labour and Industrial Relations in the erstwhile SLPP government of Alhaji Ahmed Tejan Kabbah, Hon. Alpha O Timbo has made his intentions known for the coveted position of flag bearer of the party. Mr. Timbo made this formal declaration in Port Loko in a well attended SLPP Northern Regional Meeting on Saturday the 1st March 2010.

The Northern Province being the strong hold of ruling APC, the former minister in his opening speech did not fail to commend the partyís Regional Executive for their relentless efforts in maintaining the status quo of the party in that region in the midst of daunting challenges as an opposition.

In his statement, Mr. Timbo disclosed that he has an eye to the leadership of this nation under the SLPP since Sierra Leone now needs a ruler of his kind; someone that can solve the majoritiesí problems regardless of political affiliation, tribal sentiment, and religion.

Lawyer Timbo as he declared in Port Loko

Highly optimistic that the SLPP by all indications will win the 2012 elections, the flag bearer hopeful nonetheless informed that such would only be achieved with the presentation to the voting population a very potent presidential candidate possessing qualities above those of President Koroma.

"I am the fittest SLPP man to challenge Ernest Koroma because I have more of those qualities in me to be the fittest candidate," he said. Some of those qualities he highlighted included his youthful age, his vast experience in governance and his background as a long serving member of one of the strongest and most enlightened pressure groups in the country, the Sierra Leone Teachers Union (SLTU). He went on to say that his outstanding leadership qualities whilst serving as the Secretary General of the SLTU did not go unrecognized when he was chosen to represent the Union in the Sierra Leone Labor Congress. He furthered that his demonstration of hard work, dedication and honesty to the Union and humanity made former President Ahmed Tejan Kabbah include him in his cabinet. "I have never compromised by responsibilities, and even when a minister, I always maintained my loyalty to the party and people of this country," he maintained, adding that in order to move this country forward, the citizenry needed people of his type at the helm of affairs.

Mr. Timbo condemned the acts of rampant corruption, violence and bad politicking by the ruling APC. "Everybody can agree with me that APC has failed the masses. Within a short period of their rule, suffering has increased greatly," he said, adding that in order to change that, people must vote in the SLPP again in 2012, and chose as president someone honest and patriotic.

Reacting to Mr. Timboís declaration statement, the Chairman of SLPP Northern Region, Dr. Alfred Bobson Sesay expressed his admiration for the young manís courage and dedication to push the party forward. He encouraged him to keep the spirit and to assiduously work towards his plan. Making his position clear as an executive member, he said they were serving only as referees, and that he had nothing against anybody attempting at the coveted position. He admonished Mr. Timbo to keep the pace as he put it Ďthis is the first step to a thousand miles.

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