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In Sierra Leone, Law Reform Commission Speaks to Public via the Press
By Mohamed Kanu
May 5, 2010, 17:18

The Law Reform Commission (LRC) is an autonomous agency of the Government of Sierra Leone set up to review the laws of the Country for the purpose of reform, consolidation and codification. It has the vision to create an accessible legal system with modern institutions creating an environment of sustainable economic development that ensures Security and Justice for all. Past Friday 30 April 2010, it used the opportunity of a Press Briefing to engage Journalists with the ultimate aim of informing the nation on how the Commission has been working.

Speaking at the Press Briefing, the Chairperson, Justice Salamatu Koroma stated that most citizens in the Country do not know much about the Law Reform Commission and that she intended to now put the Law Reform Commission in partnership with the press to create a mutual relationship between the Commission and the Public.

She furthered that since the laws of the Land supercede every citizen or resident, it is their mandate to reform laws that need to be reviewed so as to provide sustainable legal framework for the People of Sierra Leone.

She dilated on various ongoing Law projects especially one of the Lands Act which is seriously affecting land ownership in the provinces. Mention was also made of other Laws being reviewed such as the Law of Evidence; the Courts Act 1965, Alternative Dispute Resolution and a Re-statement of some Customary laws.

While urging members of the Press to partner with the commission especially in publicizing legal issues, she also asked members of the public to see the LRC as having an Open Door policy so that information meant for the commission could freely flow in with no red tape hindering communication between the ordinary citizens and the LRC.

She also assured of the LRCís determination to propose new laws and bring old laws in line with current trends in modern democratic Societies.

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