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May 5, 2010, 17:04



King Georges Home Cries for Help

The Matron for King Georges Home in Freetown, Jennifer Coker is reportedly calling on stakeholders and private sectors to urgently come to the aid of inmates of the home. According to reports, inmates of the home are in dire need of blankets, toiletries bed sheets, pillows and other amenities.  Reports say the home is presently hosting over 50 old people.


Wilberforce Water Supply under Threat

Reports have alleged that the only source of water supply for Wilberforce Barracks and it environs is under serious threat due to encroachment.  According to reports, the residence of a Lebanese businessman in Sierra Leone, Isaac Hedjazi is constructed on the very water supply site.  Mr. Frederick Cole, a resident in the area is reported as saying that the Lebanese man is not in any legal possession of documents for the said piece of land. The community is aggrieved because of the mans bogus claims to land said to belong to the community.


Teachers Threaten to Quite Classroom

It has been reported that teachers who have been teaching for over one year without salary may quite the class room if urgent actions are not taken to address their plight. Reports say most of the teachers have their names on the payroll but still go without salary.  The marginalized teachers say, their rights have been abused by the government and that they were no longer in place to accept other conditions rather than promptly meeting their demands if only to retain them in the classrooms.


Tiger Generators Resurface in the City

Chinese made popular mini generator, Tiger Brand that was relegated to the back seat because of the bogus Bumbuna Hydro electric power generation has resurfaced again in the city of Freetown.  The persistent black out has reportedly forced Freetown residents to resort to the use of the Tiger Brand for the past couple of weeks since the hydro ceased to provide light to the city.  In spite of the inconveniences caused by the loud noise produced from Tiger, city dwellers can not do otherwise but to contend with it for the sole purpose of electricity provision to replace the failed Bumbuna.  


Soldier Laments on Armed Robbery

The Deputy Chief of Defense Staff, Brigadier General Robert Y. Koroma has reportedly informed the press that the rampant armed robbery that tended to rock the city has been curtailed.  According to him, the near success came as a result of the joint operation by both the Police and the Military. However he is reported to have raised concern that if the current state of blackout in the city and its environs continue, it is very likely that their gains will be reversed since the activities of robbers become frequent and more disturbing in the dark. 


Ambassador Kargbo grabs Awards

The Sierra Leone Ambassador to the Kingdom of Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Luxembourg and the Vatican, Dr. Christian Sheku Kargbo has reportedly received an award from members of the Sierra Leone Central Union in Holland.  According to reports, the Ambassador was awarded as a result of his exemplary role in seeking the welfare of Sierra Leoneans in that part of the world.


Amnesty International Hail President Koroma

The Amnesty International, is reported hail president Koroma Free Medical initiative staff of Amnesty International say the free health care service is a great challenge gear towards human development. According to Amnesty International, staff, Mr. Sheriff the maternal and infant mortality rate was a mere threat and effort by the president to reduce it will enhance national development.


Pharmacy Board conducts massive raid

Reports have it that the Pharmacy Board of Sierra Leone (PBSL) is currently conducting massive raid on pharmacies and drug stores for renewal of licenses in the Bo City. According to reports the deadline for payment of annual licenses was April 8th 2010, but that many patent drug stores and pharmacies have not fulfilled their obligation for the renewal of licenses.  Even as the Pharmacy Board is said to have given a grace period to all defaulters, many have still failed to comply.  The Board is therefore once more reminding them of their obligations before going on the rampage to close down stalls owned by the defaulters.


Government to Boost Entrepreneurship

The Minister of Trade and Industry, Hon. David Carew has reportedly disclosed that his government has initiated the formulation of policies toward growth and development of entrepreneurship and investment promotion in the country. According to reports, the initiative includes enactment of Registration of Business Act, Stock Exchange Act, Bankruptcy Act, and the establishment of the National Coordinating Committee on Trade (NCCT) amongst other.  Reports say this will help the country to benefit from entrepreneurship status.  He is reported as saying that every Sierra Leone will be encouraged to import and export as long as the pre-requisite conditions are met.

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