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In Sierra Leone, Rachel Horner Goes Unopposed for SLAJ Organizing Secretary
By Erja Vainikka-Howard
May 7, 2010, 17:12

Prominent female journalist Rachel Horner attached to the Concord Times Newspaper in Freetown has been elected unopposed for the post of National Organizing Secretary in the Umaru Fofanah led executive of the Sierra Leone Association of Journalist (SLAJ).

During an election held on Thursday 6th May 2010, at the Headquarters of SLAJ on Campbell Street in Freetown, the female Journalist went unopposed after being nominated by another senior female reporter, Abibatu Kamara of the Awoko Newspaper, seconded by Zainab Jokie Bangura. Madam Horner was automatically crowned as the newly elected Organizing Secretary for the association.

It could be recalled that during the 2008 SLAJ general election, the position of National Organizing Secretary was first announced to have been won by a female journalist Hawa Tucker of the then Sierra Leone Broadcasting Service (SLBS) now Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC), but was later denounced by the then Electoral Commissioner Samuel John on the grounds that an error was made during the counting process of the election. So lucky for the Women in the Media Sierra Leone (WIMSAL), they have now succeeded in clinching the said portfolio in the Fofanah led executive by having Rachael Horner as the National Organizing Secretary.

Addressing voters and observers before the election process, the Electoral Commissioner for the said election Ranford Wright cautioned voters to vote wisely for their right representative into the vacant office. He informed voters of the constitutional agreement that only paid-up SLAJ members are illegible to vote and be voted for.

In an exclusive interview with the Awareness Times shortly after the election, Rachel Honor disclosed that she started practicing journalism in 2000 and subsequently joined SLAJ in 2005. Since then, she went on she had been one of the perfect and matured journalists in Sierra Leone.

Explaining her plans for the association, Madam Horner revealed that she will design profitable programmes for the association that will bring more funds to the association.

"In my yearly programme schedule for SLAJ, I will ensure that I organize activities that will bring in more funds to the association than that which goes away. I will also ensure that the association engages itself on various activities every year," Madam Horner vowed, while calling on the support of the membership of SLAJ, with special appeal to female journalists.

"I want your active support and I will prove to you that what a man can do, a woman can do more" Rachael concluded.

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