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Awareness Times News Briefs for Monday May 10th 2010
May 10, 2010, 11:29

Salone gets new notes May 14

Sierra Leoneans countrywide will start using new bank notes with effect from May 14, 2010, say reports. The highest denomination will still be Le 10,000. Regardless the new notes will bear the same coloration as old ones, the former will be smaller in size. The new notes have been confirmed possess security features that bar counterfeiting unlike the old ones. For ease and convenience, the notes will have standards that assist the blind to distinguish different denominations.

Man jumps overboard to commit suicide

Reports claim a disabled man killed himself after jumping overboard a ferry, MV Freetown into Sierra Leone estuary. The man is said to have been using a crutch but threw them away before he jumped after evading the restraint of fellow passengers twice. On the third attempt he eventually plunged himself into the sea. MV Freetown was sailing from Kissy Ferry Terminal to Targrin. Police are investigating the matter.

US Citizen pleads not guilty to fraud charge

Reports from court say, an American Citizen of Sierra Leonean background, Conrad Coyanda-Parkes has pleaded not guilty at the High Court in Freetown to fraud charge. Conrad Coyanda-Parkes with three others were last year in October accused of illegally establishing a telecommunications operation in the country contrary to law. Conrad Coyanda Parkes who is accused of selling the VSAT dish to one of the accused is reported to have informed the court that he did the transaction with no criminal intention.

Child abuse hightens

The abuse of children in Sierra Leone is on the increase, a local tabloid reports. Children’s liberty, dignity, and right to education are claimed to be totally ignored despite having the child Right Bill in place. The situation is perceived threatening because the future development of Sierra Leone hinges on today’s children.

2 Liberian trawlers nabbed by Navy

Two fishing vessels are reported to have been nabbed by the Forward Operation Base in Sulima. Star Shrimper 32 and star Shrimper 3 reports assert were arrested for poaching, fishing without Sierra Leone license and government observers, and fishing with the wrong nets. The arrested fishing vessels licensed under the Monrovia Fishing Corporation in Liberia are alleged have no agent in Sierra Leone.

OGI Officials fight at State House

Reports monitored indicate that two officials of the Open Government Initiative (OGI), Sheku Usman Sesay and Amilra Tatayea Bangura fought at State House quite recently. Reasons for the unprecedented behavior are yet not known. However, reports say the public is concern because OGI which is suppose to bring government closer to the people must not have employees of such character.

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