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Abdul Tejan-Cole’s Honour & ‘Poetic Justice’ of Effects of his Resignation
By Sylvia Olayinka Blyden
May 10, 2010, 12:12

I am one of those who repeatedly called for Tejan-Cole’s resignation lately over the shabby manner in which ACC handled the sacked Fisheries Minister Afsatu Kabba with extreme malice and unprofessional levels of immaturity. So, I was not too surprised when he showed he might after all, be an honourable man and eventually resigned. I would have however respected his resignation even more if he had stated the precise reasons for his abrupt resignation; a resignation done whilst he was out of the country and not done here with full 100% courage of his convictions.


I would have also respected him even more if he had confessed to just how wrong he had been all along about Haja Afsatu Kabba and tendered an apology to her and her family members for the troubles he has put them through. But again, I am Sylvia Olayinka Blyden and he is Abdul Tejan-Cole. We are different.


Now to my points. What I find interesting is to see persons jumping up and down and citing that Tejan-Cole quit because of ‘frustrations’ over ‘political interference’ when the  BBC’s Umaru Fofana who remains one of the few who has seen the Resignation Letter, categorically told the world last Friday that “no reason” was given for the resignation on the Letter. So, unless the BBC was misinformed, so far “no reason” has been given as to why Tejan-Cole resigned. Umaru told BBC:- “at the moment, there are only speculations and conjecture. It is not really clear. Some say he has picked up another job in the United States where he should be at the moment”.


This is why I really ponder at those who blame President Koroma but if their position eventually holds sway in the public domain, all I will say is that it would be true POETIC JUSTICE!  Indeed President Koroma had mortgaged his authority to Abdul Tejan-Cole by refusing to step in even when he saw clear abuse of the ACC’s powers in the case of his dedicated, loyal female Minister Haja Afsatu Kabba.


Ernest Koroma believed that if he allowed Tejan-Cole to freely abuse the rights of the ‘suspects’ like Haja Afsatu Kabba without stepping in to protect these ‘suspects’, that would burnish his “no sacred cows” credentials. However, Mr. President might have naively underestimated the clever Tejan-Cole. President Koroma might have thought he could use Tejan-Cole to whitewash his international credentials but little  did he know just who was fooling who! Ha ha ha! What a poetic justice!


Tejan-Cole has showed President Ernest Koroma that although the APC has 99 tactics, he has the 100th and most potent tactic and by the time President Koroma will know what hit him, I.B. Kargbo will find it is too late for him to retract those “great confidence in Tejan-Cole” words. Ha ha ha! The irony is so sweet! Ha ha ha!


But still on my speculations; since Tejan-Cole is such a clever character, he might see value in coming to the aid of Mr. President which is why I believe those persons hastily jumping to assert, on his behalf, that he resigned because of frustration with Mr. President’s APC are making a serious mis-calculation. What will they say or do if Tejan-Cole, in a short while down the road, gives out an interview in which he debunks them and says he was never interfered with nor frustrated in his job but that he resigned for personal family & financial benefits? Aha! Step cautiously guys!


People should keep in mind that on numerous occasions, Abdul Tejan-Cole spoke glowingly of how he was enjoying independence from the Government to carry out his job with no political interference. Past Saturday, I spoke at length to the Chair of the ACC’s Advisory Board, Dr. Alfred Fawundu and he emphasised that at no point in time has Tejan-Cole ever expressed frustration over political interference!


My competent Law Officers’ sources tell me that Attorney General Serry Kamal initially refused to sign a Trial-By-Judge-Alone application as requested by Abdul Tejan-Cole; because of the huge public interest in the Haja Afsatu Kabba case, the AG wanted justice to be seen to be done via a Jury Trial but that Tejan-Cole insisted otherwise!! As a result, to avoid being accused of hampering the prosecution of Haja Afsatu Kabba by Tejan-Cole, the Attorney General yielded with some nodding ‘from above’ for such a despotic form of trial to be undertaken.


Tejan-Cole has so far enjoyed a high level of cooperative collaboration with this APC Government so much so that cases involving President’s family & friends and blue-eyed darlings like Zainab Bangura, he has merely shelved privately whilst publicly with a straight face, insisted he was an impartial & independent corruption crusader!!!

So, those overly excited to find excuse for Abdul Tejan-Cole should wait until tangible evidence of ‘political interference’ comes out. Already, as I stated in adjoining article, the allegation of Judge transferred by political interference has been disproved!!

Creoles have a wise saying which goes:- “Nor Cry Pass The Person Wey Get the Berrin” [Do not weep more than the bereaved family]. So far, Abdul Tejan-Cole has not publicly ‘cried’. Until he does, please you all just hold your peace. LONTA!

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