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Lawyer Jenkins-Johnston Sends Bitter Complaint to High Court
By Momoja Lappia
May 10, 2010, 12:07

Sequel to the hearing of "The State vs. Afsatu Olayinka Ebishola Kabba" matter past Wednesday 5th May 2010 at the High Court in Freetown, the Defense lead counsel, J.B Jenkins-Johnston Esq. has, in a letter dated 6th May 2010, brought to the attention of the Master and Registrar, pertinent anomalies affecting the interest of his embattled client.

In the two paged letter, the legal luminary of Ayotunde Chambers took ease to stress as follows: "Before the trial was adjourned, the issue was raised by me before the Learned Trial Judge Hon. Justice S.A Ademusu J.A, but His Lordship advised that the matter be directed to the Court Administration and the Police, to ensure that the court be made accessible to the public in future".

Being that the Constitution is the supreme law of Sierra Leone according to section 171(15) of it, Lawyer J.B. Jenkins Johnston in his letter copied to the Honourable Chief Justice, the Inspector General of Police, the AIG, the Commissioner of Anti-Corruption Commission and the Minister of Internal Affairs maintained that in accordance with Section 23(3) of the Constitution of Sierra Leone, proper arrangements must be made so that the trial will be held in public devoid of any such intimidating atmosphere as it happened during the last hearing.

It would be recalled that, during the last hearing on Wednesday 5th May 2010, OSD Officers did not just stop at preventing peaceful citizens from witnessing the trial, but manhandled journalists who were on their professional obligations. The husband and children of Haja Afsatu Kabba were also physically thrown out of the court yard into the streets by armed police officers.

"We also hope that the intimidating atmosphere around and within the Law Courts Building prevailing yesterday (5th May 2010), will not be there when the matter comes up in the future", J.B Jenkins Johnston said.

We will publish the full text of the Jenkins-Johnston Letter in a subsequent edition.

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