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In Sierra Leone, ACC Advisory Chair Speaks on Tejan-Cole
By Sylvia O. Blyden
May 11, 2010, 17:24

The Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Anti Corruption Commission, Dr. Alfred Fawundu has granted an exclusive interview to this medium in which he strongly emphasised that as of the time of the interview last Saturday May 8th 2010, he had not yet set eyes on the Resignation Letter of the ACC Boss Abdul Tejan-Cole nor had he ever in the past been informed by Mr. Tejan-Cole that he had faced problems whilst carrying out the job.

"Just like you, I heard the news of his resignation from the BBC and I think it must be true since the BBC is a very credible news outlet but Mr. Tejan-Cole has not discussed anything with me or with the Advisory Board about his plans to resign," Dr. Alfred Fawundu insisted.

Dr. Fawundu is an SLPP strongman who was up in Pujehun heavily campaigning for his SLPP Party where he has declared his intentions for the position of SLPP Presidential Candidate. He spoke through a telephone interview in the thick of the elections in Constituency 91 last weekend.

During the interview, he made no secret of the fact that he was distancing himself from those persons postulating the reasons behind the resignation to be political interference.

"I do not know why Mr. Tejan-Cole has resigned. If indeed he has resigned as was broadcast over the BBC, my take would be that he has done all of what he could and he has decided that it was time for him to move on and so he has gone," Dr. Fawundu said.

When prodded about whether it could be due to political interference or political intimidation on his job and whether Tejan-Cole ever complained to the Board about such, the ACC Advisory Board Chair was not at all hesitant to categorically say no.

"No! Never! He has never complained about political interference in his work. We always spoke about his work but that issue never came up. If it was bothering him, then he must have kept it very close to his chest as he never complained of political interference or intimidation," Dr. Fawundu insisted.

The SLPP opposition strongman told Awareness Times that he presumed Mr. Tejan-Cole would have submitted his Resignation Letter to President Koroma, "who appointed him" since although he was Advisory Board Chairman, he was "still not privy to the contents of the resignation letter". This position was as of last Saturday.

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