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Sulaiman Banja-Tejansie: Unfit for Purpose
May 11, 2010, 17:22

Lawyer Sulaiman Banja Tejansie should think of handing-over his Law Degree back to the University as his words over Radio FM98.1 yesterday morning exposed his ignorance of many aspects of even the most basic element of the investigative powers of the Anti Corruption Commission as granted under the Act of 2008! If Abdul Tejan-Cole was unable to investigate corruption brought under his nose, who is Sulaiman Banja Tejansie blaming for the lack thereof?

According to Lawyer(?) Tejansie, Abdul Tejan-Cole prepared a "brilliant report on the Income Electrix issue" to be investigated but no one investigated his fine report!

No-one investigated? Who should investigate corruption if not Abdul Tejan-Cole? Ridiculous ehn? Then he goes on to say he knows "for sure" that it was political interference that drove Abdul Tejan-Cole away as Tejan-Cole is his friend but he fails to highlight the evidence of this political interference. Is this man a lawyer?

When Alhaji I.B. Kargbo came on the line, Kargbo just ridiculed the nonsense that dropped out of Tejansie’s mouth by listing a litany of factual evidences to back up his own position as compared to Tejansie’s own position which simply had no evidence backing them.

Many SLPP members cringed and some furiously exploded when Banja Tejansie first exposed his inadequacy to be their Party Spokesman and later, they had to suffer the humiliation of having Alhaji I.B. Kargbo just demolish his rubbish totally ending up making the SLPP look like elementary school children.

Banja Tejansie, you are supposed to be a lawyer so where is the empirical evidence of political interference? That is what Banja Tejansie should have first identified before he opened his mouth over the radio airwaves to speak on behalf of his friend Abdul Tejan-Cole. What a disgrace that was yesterday morning. A total disgrace to the SLPP that their Spokesman is so inadequate for the job.

I hope the party gets rid of him and fast. He is a walking disaster. Going by his actions, it is clear that he thinks very little of the intelligence or political skills of his Leader John Benjamin. It is clear that Sulaiman Banja-Tejansie’s ego is telling him that he is smarter and more capable than the SLPP Leader so he has probably deluded himself into thinking he should be Leader of the SLPP.

There are many like Banja Tejansie who think the SLPP is a cartel that only they own and so they treat others out of the cartel with contempt. They did the same thing with Solomon Berewa whom they denigrated as unfit to lead them in the same way Banja Tejansie is now trying to denigrate the current SLPP Leader. When these egoistic and misguided idiots fail to achieve to impose their will on the rest of us "ordinary" mortals, they throw tantrums and quit the party. We know them.

This same Tejansie fellow did the same thing when he egoistically abandoned the SLPP after Solomon Berewa won in 2005. At the time, he went into the PMDC only to have his ego overwhelm him within the PMDC and he jumped back into the SLPP. John Benjamin chose to give Tejansie a second chance to remake himself within the party and what has he done? He has reduced the SLPP to a laughing stock by making public claims he cannot back up with any evidence. And he calls himself a lawyer?

Mr. Lawyer, where is the evidence to support your outlandish claims; claims that must have surely gotten the diplomatic community wondering what you might have smoked in the morning before you went over the air. Nothing you said seemed to make any sense because it was all nonsense. You think the International Community will fall for any nonsense from you without empirical evidence from Mr. Abdul Tejan-Cole?

If Abdul Tejan-Cole has hot palm seeds (banga) he needs to be removed from the fire, let him not be allowed to use the SLPP to remove the bangas from the fire. Let Abdul speak for himself or you might be risking the image of your party as being a party full of drowning folks grasping for straws anywhere!

Banja Tejansie, just look at how you have turned yourself and your party to a source of stinging mockery yesterday morning! You are a disgrace. You are not fit to be a Spokesman. You are a walking disaster who might plunge the SLPP into even more ridicule with your egoistic belief that you are cleverer than the SLPP Leader. Maybe it is time for you to head back into the PMDC, the party of egoistic people who should only be leaders and never followers. Or you might wish to apologise to the entire SLPP party for subjecting the party to such ridicule?

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