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OBITUARY : Mr. Tamba Pujeh Gbekie, Assistant Inspector General of Police
May 11, 2010, 17:02

The death is announced of Mr. Tamba Pujeh Gbekie, Assistant Inspector General of Police , in charge of personnel welfare, aged 50 years. He is survived by his wife Mrs. Isatu Gbekie. Children Sia Rebecca Gbekie and Tamba Foa Gbekie in Ghana.

Mr. Tamba Pujeh Gbekie

Mr. Sanusi Bah in Conakry Guniea
Mother -in-Law
Haja Kadijatu Bah
Mrs. Letty Musu Gbekie, Mrs. Sia Maltilda Gbekie and Mrs. Agnes Gbekie


The Hon. Vice President Chief Alhaji Sam Sumana, Chief S.O. Gbekie, Chief Ngakea, Tamba Foa Gbekie. Sahr Fmmmanuel Gbekie, Richard Gbekie, Alfred Gbekie , Jonathan Gbekie. Steven Gbekie, Augustine Komba Gbekie, Tamba Alpha Gbekie. Raymond K. Gbekie, Komba Foa Gbekie. John Saffea Gbekie, Mr. Umaru Dumbuva and family, Mr. Aiah Samadia in AU mission Somalia, Mr. David Tarn Bayoh proprietor of citizen Radio, Mr. Alex James ,Mr. Aiah Bockarie, all brothers and Sisters from Tuiyoh Village and I:iama Chiefdom. Kono District


The First Fady Mrs. Sia Nyama Koroma, Mrs. Kadie Sumana, Mrs. Marie Kanawa, Mrs. Judith Kelly, Gladys Gbekie, Mrs. Hellen Vonjo, Mrs. Grace Lakoh, Mrs. Florence Yei Kamara of Sierra Feone Ports Authority, Comfort Gbekie, Mrs. Rosaline Tumoe in Holland, Mrs. Elizabeth Lyoubi in UK, Sia Foa Gbekie, Bondu Gbekie, Fea Gbekie, Chief Mariama Saccoh, Mrs. Alimalu Kondeh, Diana Konomayi, Hawa Kabba. Isata Kabba (IJ), Mrs. Nyama Kondeh


The President, His Excellency Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, Alhaji Abdul Salam Kanawa, Mr. Unisa Bah and family, Mr. Mamadu Jawo Bah and family, Mr. Ibrahim Bah and family, Alhaji Sajor Bah and family in Freetown, Mr. Bailor Bah and family, Alimu Bah and family, Mr. Lamrana Bah and family, Mr. Ibrahim Bah, Mr. Bailoh Bah and family, Mr. Sanusie Barrie in UK, Mr. Julian Williams, Mr. Muctarr Turay, Mr. Mustapha Bah in UK, Dr. Umaru Bah in USA, Mr. Francis Jusu Kamara of UBA Bank, Mr. Fawzi Lyoubi in UK, Alhassan Bangura in UK, Komba Tumoe in UK, Milton Boyle in USA, Mr. Vonjo- Vice Principal Ahmadiyya Secondary School, Blama, Anthony Smith, Mohamed Alpha Jalloh in USA, Osman Jalloh in UK, Ibrahim Jalloh in Spain, Jeim Jalloh in South Africa, the Mackiau family in Freetown and Kenema, the Kamara family in Freetown and Rutile, the Beah family in Freetown and Rutilc. Christopher Nicol, ASP Augustine, Lakoh, Mr. Kamara, Mr. Kondeh. Mr. Micheal Bull.

Sisters- in-law

Mrs. Binta Williams in China, Mrs. Neneh Umu Turay, Mariama Jelloh Bah in Ireland, Kadie Bailor Bah in Dakar, Fatmata Sira kundara, Umu Salmatu Bah in Holland, Jan Isata Bah in Guinea, Mrs. Salamatu Barrie in UK, Haja Mariama Bah in Freetown, Kadijatu Samuka, Patch Bah, Saffe Bah, Isatu Sarjoh Bah- Futa, Umu Hawa Bah -Dakarr, Mrs. Rebecca Gbekie in UK, Mrs. Fatmata Gbekie, Mrs. Juliana I. Gbekie, Mrs. Baindu Ghekie, Mrs. Mariama Gbekie, All the Bahs, Jallohs, BaiTies and Sows at home and abroad.


Marytn Kortequee and family, Komba Kpaka in Gbakiyoh and several uncles in Gbakiyor, Kono.


Haja Kumba Kobbo Kabba and several aunties in Tuiyor and Fiama

Nieces and nephews

Mrs. Christiana Nicols. Ms Sia Kanawa of Pannell KeiT Forster, Mrs. Kumba Bangura in UK, Ms Kumba Kanawa of SLEYO, Mrs Finda Greewood, Mrs. Agnes Yei Boyle in USA, Mrs. Kadiatu Finda Saquee, Ms. Bondu Gbekie, Ms. Kaliatu Gbekie, Mr. Aiah Yusuf Kanawa, Abibatu Kanawa, Mohammed Alie Kanaua, Abdul Kai Kanawa, Sia Kanawa in UK, Kumba Kanawa, Finda Deime Kanawa, Hawa Kanawa, Hindolo Orlando Kanyako in UK, Ms. Yei Kanawa, Ms. Bondu Kanawa, Flourence Mariama Kamara, Sia Foa Gbekie, Umu Gbekie and Family, Sia Sierra Gbekie, Sia Matilda Kondor Gbekie, Sahr Pujeh Gbekie, Tamba Foa Gbekie, Christiana Gbekie, Susan Sia Gbekie, Sahr Emmanuel Gbekie, Sia Daphne Gbekie. Kumba Alfred Gbekie, Finda Rosaline Gbekie, Aiah Steven Gbekie, Agnes Gbekie, the Lakoh & family, the Fomba (Mongor) family, the Bockarie family, the Kondeh family, the John Kellie family, Mrs. Veronica Bull in Nigeria, Sahr Katin Bull of NRA, Patricia Momoh, Anthony Smith, Olando Smith, Helen Smith, Radia Lyoubi, Fawuzia Lyoubi, Tariq Lyoubi


Ex-President Dr. Alhaji Ahmed Tejan Kabba, Ex-Vice President Solomon Ekuma Berewa. The Inspector General of Police Mr. Brima Archa Kamara, Mr & Mrs. Babatunde Blyden and Family, Mr. Garzan Mullah and family, Mr. & Mrs. Lilian Lisk in Ghana, Mr. Rudy Landeros of the UN, All Staff of Special Court, Staff and Board members of NASSIT, the Army Chief of defence staff, Director of Prisons Department, Senior and other ranks of prisons department, Director of Sierra Leone Fire Force, (EMB), all AIGs, all senior and other ranks of the Sierra Leone Police force, the Judiciary, Justice Nyawo Jones, Justice Kamanda and Others, Lawyer Sahid Sesay, Judge Alusine Sesay, Lawyer Jalloh and many others.

Hon. Mr &. Mrs Chernor Bah. Mr and Mrs Tondoneh and Family, All Kono members of Parliament, All Kono Paramount Cheifs, counsellors, Nasito and Renato of Aberdeen, Marko, Mr & Mrs Lot Thomas in UK, Sylvanus Kanyako and family in Salima, Fullah Muslim Jamat, Light of Islam-Kingtom, Anasiyatu Muslim Jamat, The Banya Family, Mariama Jolloh of Byrne Lane Nursery Preparatory School, All KOINDU and KONSU members, all women wings and youth wings of Kono, Staff and pupils of St. Edward Secondary School, Mr. Francis Ben Lebbie and family, WASP Gloria Macualey, Sahr A. Kamara, Inspector James - Staff Officer, Baimba Mansaray and Family, David Mansaray and Family, Claudius York and family, Chief Francis Suwu, in Kenema.

We are very sorry for any omission of names as you are all considered as very important personalities.

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