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Acceptance Speech- By Josephine Saidu- Head of Communications London Mining
May 12, 2010, 17:08

Your Excellency the High Commissioner of Sierra Leone H.E Eddie Turay, the Ghanaian High Commissioner H.E. Kwaku Danso-Boafo, the Norwegian and Swedish Consul H.E. Arne Johansen, the Minister of State of the Nigerian Embassy, Professor B. Lynch Consultant Gynaecologist, distinguished personalities, ladies and gentlemen.

This moment is for Sierra Leone and Sierra Leoneans! It is for all those illustrious sons and daughters of my beloved country, especially those in the northern district who’ve been very supportive of our work in the past years.

Josephine with fans of London Mining.

It is with pride and humility that I stand here tonight to accept this award on behalf of the Executive Management of London Mining Plc and Management and staff of London Mining Company. We are extremely grateful to a number of people and groups for this remarkable achievement. But firstly we want to say thank you to all those who voted for us. We appreciate you and we will not let you down in our pursuit to complement the government’s effort in developing the country’s economy.

To the organisers, we know it wasn’t an easy road, but we acknowledge your zest and desire to encourage well meaning individuals and organizations in and outside Sierra Leone to keep the fire burning. A simple word of thanks isn’t enough to compensate for your efforts and hard work in getting this fixed. But that’s all we can offer. Thank you! This award will not only make our work in Sierra Leone visible to the world, it also demonstrates our close ties with the communities we work. For me personally, it shows that the organisers didn’t just sit here in England and make assumptions, it shows how much efforts you gave to ensuring that the entire process is fair.

Maya Angelou once said, ‘When you learn, teach. When you get, give.’ I want you to know that this award to us means that we will continue to strive to give back to Sierra Leone what we hope to as it is going to give to us in resources, so that together as a country and a company, we might even be more worthy of tonight’s honour.

London Mining Company believes in giving back to the community and its people that which seem to be out of their ordinary reach. Just for those of you who might want to know a bit about the company, here is a gist.

London Mining Company Limited, a subsidiary of London Mining Plc in the UK started operations in Sierra Leone in 2006. Led by its dynamic Managing Director, David Keili, the company has been steadfastly laying the foundations for the re-opening of the defunct Delco mines, which has been dormant for over 35years. The Company successfully signed a Mining Lease Agreement with the Government of the Republic of Sierra Leone on December 31st 2009, which was approved by cabinet and unanimously ratified by parliament in February 2010. This will enable the company to carry out the production of 1.5 tonnes of iron ore per annum from existing tailings within 12-18 months. The production level will triple in succeeding years and by next year; the company intends to produce 10 million tonnes of ore which will lead us automatically into our primary ore production.

Over the years, London Mining Company has embarked on a number of activities as part of their corporate social responsibility, to foster growth and development in Sierra Leone. The move is also to ensure that the company establishes a healthy relationship with the government and the community within which they operate. London Mining has constructed over 30 modern hand-pump water wells, constructed several bridges for vehicular traffic within Pepel and its environs. The company has also renovated the Pepel Court Barray, the Lunsar Health Centre, undertake crop compensation based on crop assessment process involving the impacted community and has repaired deteriorated main roads in the Lunsar Township. London Mining has also provided mobile machinery for community sanitary needs, meet assistance requested from schools, hospitals, cultural, traditional and social events.

Notwithstanding all these undertakings, the company is on the verge of completing an 18.5KM haul road from Mammy Nancy to Tawfayim where construction work has commence for our a barge loading facility on the Port Loko Creek. It is worthy to note that indigenes of this community have never ply a route from this region due to its inaccessibility, but with the intervention of London Mining, they now have an option to easily transport their goods either by road or through the river which was the only means.

March 11 2010 was a milestone day for London Mining, the Government and people of Sierra Leone. The day saw the launch of the reopening of the Marampa Mines, which was graced by Executives of London Mining Plc and London Mining Company, the President H.E. Dr Ernest Bai Koroma, Cabinet Ministers, Local Authorities, members of the diplomatic corps and the general populace. Many well meaning Sierra Leoneans have described this day as a new dawn for Sierra Leone as the country’s former breadbasket (DELCO MINES) regains its footstool in enhancing national economic development, provide significant employment, develop local business, generate revenue to government through tax contributions and foreign exchange earnings. The reopening of the Marampa Mines demonstrates that Sierra Leone is a lush destination for international investments and provides opportunity for credible foreign companies to contribute and prosper.

Its is certain that within the next 2 decades, the government and people of Sierra Leone will not only benefit from employment, training, community and infrastructural development, but will also generate about $200m from revenues directly collected from exports under the auspices of the operations of London Mining.

Yours Excellencies, distinguished personalities, ladies and gentlemen that’s just a brief on London Mining in Sierra Leone. Should you require more information please do not hesitate to contact me at the end of this event.

On behalf of the Executive Management of London Mining Plc led by Mr Graeme Hossie, our Chief Finance Officer Rachel Rhodes who actually facilitated my presence here, Managing Director of London Mining Company David Keili, Board Members and staff of London Mining I thank everyone for believing in us and for voting us. We hope that we’ll be on this podium again come next year for another award.

Thank you and God bless you!

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