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Sierra Leone's Awareness Times Publisher Never Collected a Single Penny for P.R. let alone Ten Million Leones monthly!
By Sylvia Blyden
May 15, 2010, 15:56

Hi Everyone,
I have just been noticed about the malicious lies being disseminated that the Anti Corruption Commission has "evidence" that I used to embezzle Ten Million Leones of State Funds from Ministry of Fisheries every month. This is utter nonsense and has no credence to it. I will be formally asking the Anti Corruption Commission to issue a Statement on this issue, to clear my name, first thing Monday morning!
Meanwhile, kindly disseminate the following for me.
1. I have spent the last 48 hours extremely busy helping my mum and sister who just flew into Freetown from London to bury my adopted brother, Assistant Inspector General of Police Tamba Gbekie and so I have not even had a single second to log on to the Internet.
2. This is the reason why I have not been able to read the TRASH below about me having collected ten million leones monthly to do so-called PR. The TRASH was first published about an unknown Publisher [ I REPEAT, UNKNOWN PUBLISHER!!] in Freetown but even the height of MADNESS that some of these newspapers engage in, did not have them naming this unknown publisher. But since I am one of only three people who describe themselves as PUBLISHERS (the other two being Sorie Fofana and David Tam-Baryoh) with all the others describing themselves as EDITORS, it was clear whom the innuendoe was directed at. So, on the very day that the nonsense was first published several weeks back, I had called the bluff of that article and the person went silent.
3. Now that my determination to expose the conspiracy against Haja Afsatu Kabba is undeterred but yielding positive dividend, the hound-dogs have re-embarked on the nonsense. However, nobody in Freetown has published my name as being this unknown Publisher. Only that errant person running his one-man-show in London has done that. His motives have been obvious from day one which is why I have never dignified him or his gutter materials with a response.
4. Now to the crux of the matter:
AS A MATTER OF FACT, LET ME STATE CLEARLY THAT I HAVE NEVER COLLECTED A SINGLE PENNY FROM THAT MINISTRY OR FROM ANY GOVERNMENT MINISTRY [SLPP OR APC] TO ENGAGE IN ANY FORM OF PUBLIC RELATIONS NOW OR IN THE PAST. Let them produce a single piece of evidence to justify the nonsense!!! Some people see injustice BUT will never speak against it unless they are paid to do so. My genetic make-up does not allow me to keep silent in the face of injustice. It is just not a part of me.
5. I assume my accounts department would be invoicing and collecting payment for simple Adverts run for Fisheries Ministry over the years but I am sure (100% SURE!!!) we have never run any advert for which we have even billed the ministry the sum of ONE MILLION LEONES let alone ten million leones!! The highest cost of Adverts are centerspread and this is only Le800,000. Newspaper owners will tell you that Government Ministries in Sierra Leone take years to honour Advert bills!!! Right now, the Ministry of Finance is owing newspaper houses stupendous sums of Monies.
6. What you guys are seeing unfold in front of your eyes are the last throes of a dying dinosaur. The dinosaur was created to demonise Afsatu Kabba but the dinosaur which had the backing of unscrupulous but powerful media barons and huge financial clout behind it has been slain by one determined media house which has consistently been churning out nothing but the truth; TRUTH that cannot be hidden. The saga unfolds and Awareness Times continues to stand tall.... I am yet to be proven wrong in this saga - from the Lilian Lisk allegations to date, I AM YET TO HAVE A SINGLE ONE OF MY STATED POINTS PROVEN WRONG!!!
7. On the contrary, right now, we have been joined by many other newspapers like For Di People, Independent Observer, The Examiner, Senator, etc. etc. who now know the TRUTH versus what the powerful 'dinosaur' used to protray. Similarly, those who initially had jumped on the bandwagon to demonise Afsatu Kabba are now cautiously silent!!! I do not blame them. Who likes to be used and fooled???
8. I have my suspicions about the real reason why Abdul Tejan-Cole left so abruptly and it has nothing to do with political interference but EVERYTHING to do with the fact that the gentleman finally realised he had been USED by the 'dinosaur' into getting rid of an 'over-ambitious' woman named Afsatu Kabba. When he realised that Afsatu Kabba was not really a sacred cow but a scapegoat offered to the by-then-naive Abdul Tejan-Cole, he quit in disgust without even saying good-bye to the 'dinosaur'. This is my SUSPICION.
9. Once again, I have not, IN MY ENTIRE LIFE, ever collected a single penny from Afsatu Kabba to conduct PR on her behalf nor have I ever collected a single penny from the Ministry of Fisheries to conduct PR let alone collected Ten Million Leones monthly. If anything, my newspaper has spent so much money on this issue in the form of carrying out investigations and producing our investigative reports.
10. I have too much integrity and self-pride in what I assign my signature to. I want my descendants several generations down the line to read my work and express pride in the formidable stance(s) I take in life to fight injustice! I have too much self-respect to have engaged in quietly collecting such a whopping amount of money and stay silent all this time. If such had been happening, my integrity would have forced me to reveal it upfront. Only persons who do not know me will even give 10% credence to such lies against me!!!
Thanks for helping me disseminate this information. I am RUSHING to join my family up in Kono to bury my deceased adopted brother Tamba Gbekie, so please excuse all typographical errors. Just wanted to nip this nonsense in the bud for those who might be thinking there is some truth to it.
Thanks for reading this far.
Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden
(Awareness Times Publisher)

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