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In Sierra Leone, Head of Civil Service warns civil servants
By Augustine Samba
May 19, 2010, 11:11

The Secretary to Cabinet and Head of Civil Service, Mr. S.G Pessima on Friday 14th May 2010 gave stern warning to all civil servants to desist from all criminal activities including corruption and anything that will put their status at stake.

He drove this home in his presentation at the draft code, regulations and rule of civil service workshop at the Miatta Conference Hall, Youyi Building in Freetown. According to him, civil servants are people expected by the society to be of very high esteem since they are performing government functions. He said they should be careful not to be implicated in criminal or any disrespectful matters.

"Debts, corruption related crimes and other negative activities that will take civil servant to court should be ignored at all times," he said, adding that as civil servants, the tendency to be suspended when taken to court on criminal matters is always likely.

The Deputy Secretary, Public Service Commission, Mr. Simeon Fatoma also reiterated that it was very essential for civil servants to be disciplined at all times in the execution of their duties. He maintained that they should not be indiscipline because their functions behold the society.

Various speakers made presentations on pertinent other related issues.

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