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In Sierra Leone, Comium Celebrates In a Grand Style
By Babatunde Sesay
May 19, 2010, 11:20

The month of March will remain indelible in the minds of Sierra Leoneans because it was in this month five years ago that they were liberated by COMIUM from the shackles of sky-rocketing tariffs thus increasing affordability and accessibility.

"COMIUM came to Sierra Leone at a time when telecommunications was available to only a small proportion of the population: Excessive SIM costs and high tariff rates effectively deprived all but the wealthy and the privileged of communication."


These were the exact words of the Chief Finance Director, Mr. Fadi Mrad when delivering his speech to the audience at their fifth year anniversary celebration at Mamba Point.

He revealed that COMIUM has invested well over $60 million in network’s equipment and other services through a purposeful strategy aimed at supporting local businesses.

"COMIUM now serves at least 1/3 of the nation’s phone users and are arguably the largest mobile operation in the country, no small achievement when one considers COMIUM have deliberately chosen not to use graffiti-style-painted brand that defaces the nation’s capital today," noted the Chief Finance Director. "We offer the best offers and customers have value for their money, we are trustworthy and we are dedicated to our subscribers."

A cross section of the audience at the ceremony

Also, the Chief Executive Officer of Comium, Mr. Mike Carroll who was in a very cheerful mood told the audience that basically Comium is synonymous with trust and customer satisfaction, which had enabled the company to move its market share from 31% to 40%.

He heaped praises to the dedication and commitment of the staffs which has grown from an initial 66 to over 200. Comium, the audience was told so knows how to treat its employees well that those who had jumped into other operations quickly return to the Comium family.

Comium dynamic Chief Commercial Director Joe Amara Bangali Jr making a statement at the ceremony

Mr. Mike Carroll welcomed their Liberian counterpart Directors who came from Liberia to grace the occasion.

The CEO described the presence of key executives of the company at the occasion as a manifestation of the importance COMIUM places on its valued and cherished subscribers in the country, referring to them as partners in business.

He further disclosed plans by the company to launch a series of promotions that will allow COMIUM subscribers to enjoy all the facilities on offer irrespective of status, and urged them to always put their phones on.

Comium staffs having a wonderful time

The CEO used the opportunity to unveil their latest promotion – Cash For Life – which will see three people in the next three months win Le500, 000, an amount they will earn every month for the rest of their lives.

Concerning Comium’s relationship with the community in which it operates, the Commercial Services Director, Mr. Joe Amara Bangali Jnr expressed it all when he outlined the numerous promotions Comium has held over the years worth over billions of Leones in order to bring smiles and richness into the lives of hundreds, if not thousands of its subscribers – like a lucky winner of the last set of Take 5 millions who said the winning came in handy, as it will help her further her education.

Comium Technical Director Slim Chady & Finance Director Fadi Mrad at the ceremony

After the cutting of the huge fifth anniversary cake, the draws were held, starting with the Balani Bonanza draw with a star prize of 1, 000,000 recharge units that was won by Junior Barry of Decker Lane.

The second prize of 500,000 units went to Sharon Ansari of Krootown Road. Third prize went to Ramatu Harding of Union Trust Bank. Samuel Humper won the fourth and fifth prizes of 100,000 and 50,000 units respectively.

Comium unveiled new promo 'CASH FOR LIFE' at the ceremony

Below is the Chief Commercial Service Director Speech at the ceremony.

One of the lucky man who will be in South Africa to watch live World Cup Matches

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