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National Executive to Suspend J.B.S. Tucker (aka J.T.) from Sierra Leone People's Party
By Awareness Times
May 19, 2010, 11:53

The reaction has been swift and harsh against one J.B.S. Tucker (aka J.T.) who insulted the SLPP Chairman John Benjamin. Scores of senior party stalwarts spoke on issue of his "insulting conduct" as exemplified in a Monday 17th May 2010 interview published in Concord Times newspaper in which he exhibited not only his ignorance of the SLPP Party Constitution but his lack of respect for the party’s leadership.

The SLPP’s National Organising Secretary Alex Kargbo described Tucker as "saying arrant nonsense and if it is proved that he indeed said those insulting words, he should be suspended immediately pending disciplinary hearings".

The SLPP’s National Treasurer Joe Kallon said "only John Oponjo Benjamin has the unimpeachable right to make statements on behalf of the SLPP without consulting anyone. All other SLPP members, be they in the Executive or ordinary members have to first consult before they speak. Only John Benjamin as Chairman and Leader speaks without consulting. John Benjamin is the face and the voice of the SLPP".

The SLPP’s Women’s Leader IJ Kabbah said she re-echoed the words of Chairman Benjamin that someone has to be a joker to even contemplate to give credence to Tucker’s "comedian show where he exhibited his ignorance of the party’s structures". Mrs. Kabbah wondered where J.T. had been all this time when Abdul Tejan-Cole ignored glaring APC corruption but instead travelled to London to wrongfully promote the APC as a non-corrupt regime at last November 2009’s Investment Conference.

The SLPP’s National Financial Secretary Dr. J.D. Rogers insisted to Awareness Times that it was "very difficult" for him to believe that indeed J.T. made those comments published in Concord Times as SLPP members are all expected to know how to comport themselves in public so he would wait to confirm if indeed J.T. said those words against the Chairman; following which, if confirmed, he would recommend for Tucker’s immediate suspension from the party.

The Deputy Women’s Leader of the SLPP, Madam Harriatu Turay said she saw no need for what Tucker did on the pages of Concord Times but that "appropriate disciplinary measures will be applied to take care of him". Madam Turay lauded John Benjamin’s position on Abdul Tejan-Cole as "the correct position which the party was standing behind very solidly as Tejan-Cole was the very one who used to boost up APC in their APC corruption which he oversighted".

Awareness Times was unable to sit with John Benjamin for his thoughts on this issue yesterday as he was preparing to attend an important National Executive Meeting of the SLPP during which it is believed some of these issues would be discussed. One of the SLPP’s Unity Newspaper Editors however told this writer that Benjamin’s position on Tejan-Cole’s resignation remains "totally unchanged and represents the official position of SLPP as carried in our newspaper."

The SLPP Newsman expressed "regret" over the "unfortunate and over-zealous manner" in which Mr. Sulaiman Banja Tejansie blurred the wider interest of the SLPP Party with his loyalty to his friend Abdul Tejan-Cole but promised that all would soon be rectified by both an official party statement and next monthly Press Meet of SLPP.

As we went to press, news reports filters in that following yesterday evening's National Executive Meeting of the SLPP, a unanimous decision has been taken to suspend J.B.S. Tucker pending his appearance in front of the Disciplinary Committee of the SLPP.

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