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In Sierra Leone, UBA to Celebrate All Africa Day
By Bampia Bundu
May 20, 2010, 17:00

One of the giants in the Sierra Leone banking industry, United Bank of Africa (UBA) has revealed on 19th May 19, 2010 during a press conference at their 15 Charlotte Street headquarters in Freetown that, plans are there to observe in grand style the All Africa Day next Tuesday 25th May 2010.

In his statement the Chief Executive Office of UBA, Mr. Soni Anwai commended the government for providing a fair playing ground for competitors within the banking domain. The CEO divulged that, they are celebrating that day to showcase Africa culture to the world with a particular reference to the Sierra Leonean culture, adding that as an African Bank they will be celebrating this day alongside other Banks in Africa and to raised awareness about all Africa Day in Sierra Leone.

He disclosed that they will be donating gifts to Orphanage at the Raining Season Orphanage home in celebrating World Childrenís Day on the 27th this year as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility.

Speaking also, the Brand and Corporate Services Officer, Ngozi Obi Sesay revealed that UBA started operation in Sierra Leone in 2008 and they have five branches in Freetown and they have plans to extend their branches to the provinces in due course. She however stated that the Bank offers quality services to customers and they have quality brands compared to other Banks in the country "as Africa Bank we have 25 subsidiaries world wide, and we have branches in 18 other African countries" she said, pointing out that they offers service such as E-Alert, Deposit/Credit Transaction Alert, Account Balance Alert among others.

The Supervisor of Branding and Corporate Service Madam Natalie Cole called on Sierra Leoneans to open accounts with UBA so they could enjoy the facilities that the Bank offers. She encouraged Sierra Leoneans to join them in celebrating the All Africa Day together and demonstrate to the world that Sierra Leoneans do have a beautiful culture.

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