From Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown

Alpha Timbo To Bridge Political Gap
By Bampia Bundu
May 21, 2010, 17:12

One of the leading aspiring contenders for opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) flag bearer for the political race in 2012, Mr. Alpha Timbo has revealed that his mission is to bridge the political divide existing amongst political parties in the country. Optimistic that the SLPP would bounce back in 2012, the trade unionist cum politician said that topmost on his agenda if given the chance would be to unify Sierra Leone.

Hon Alpha Timbo gave these impressions in a declaration ceremony at the partyís Western Region Office, Short Street in Freetown last week.

Concerned with the competitiveness of the 2012 elections, Mr. Alpha Timbo admonished membership of the SLPP to choose as flag bearer someone that possesses the credentials to¬†outsmart any other party candidate, including APCís Ernest Bai Koroma. "We need to be prudent this time round in electing our flag bearer, running mate, and parliamentary candidates," he iterated. He warned against campism, deceitfulness and nepotism so as not to bring a repeat of what made the party to be opposition today. "Some candidates were not the peopleís choice in 2007 to challenge those of the then opposition APC and PMDC in certain constituencies, so we must be very wise this time", he admonished. Hailing from the north, Mr. Timbo said it was but very important to take regional balance into consideration. "This also goes for choosing a leader that has a national appeal, one that is not tribalistic, religiously fanatic, gender bias, self-centered and complacent," he cautioned. He said with a northern background, the ruling APCís stronghold, he was sure to pose a threat to the APC at the same time bridge the political divide.

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