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Afsatu Kabba
Afsatu Kabba Was Never A Signatory to Account in Sierra Leone
By D.Koroma & B.J. Bundu
May 21, 2010, 17:00

The Deputy Director of Banking at the Central Bank, Mr. Jalloh has yesterday May 20th 2010 submitted to the Court the Bank Statements for the Monitoring Control & Surveillance (MCS) Account of the Ministry of Fisheries & Marine Resources (MFMR) since its inception in 2001 until present. He also tendered in evidence the Signatory Documents which showed the only two persons authorized to make withdrawals from the MCS Account to be the following

1. Mr. Abdul Rahman Sanusi, the Chief Accountant at the MFMR
2. Dr. Mohamed Battu Duramany Sesay, the Acting Director of Fisheries.

He was then asked by Lead Defence Counsel Blyden Jenkins-Johnston whether as far as your records go has the accused Haja Afsatu Kabba ever been a signatory to that Account?

Afsatu Kabba

In response, the Director stated that the accused had never been a signatory to the account. It will be recalled that at the hearing before last, the same Prosecution Witness had told the Court that none of the five cheques used to withdraw the sums of monies in question, bore the signature or sign of name Haja Afsatu Kabba on them.

The Defence completed their cross-examination of the witness and he was allowed to go. All other witnesses are protected meaning their identities will never be made known pursuant to an order of the High Court. The order itself is now in the process of being applied to be set aside.

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