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The Alpha & Omega of 2007 High Court Rules
May 24, 2010, 13:46

Following the legal sparring by Lawyers last week in Court, many of our readers have asked Awareness Times about High Court Rules. We have done some research and found out that all Judges of Sierra Leone Law Courts are bound to carry out their work according to certain laid down rules set by a special committee known as the Rules of Court Committee.

So it was that in May 2007, the Rules of Court Committee published the current set of High Court Rules, within the confines of which, all Judges must restrict themselves when carrying out their sacred duties.

There are hundreds of these High Court Rules encompassing 275 pages but to make it simpler for our readers, we have decided to only look at the first rule and the last rule of the High Court Rules; the first and the last (ie: the Alpha & Omega) and give a short explanation as to what each one is saying.

Order 1 Rule 1 is the very first rule and it concerns for which proceedings, the application of these High Court Rules covers. It states:- "These Rules shall apply to all proceedings in the Court." This means currently, ALL proceedings within the High Court, whether civil or criminal, are to abide by dictates of 2007 High Court Rules.

The last order of the High Court Rules is Order 62 Rule 4 and it states:- "The High Court Rules are hereby revoked". What this means is that the OLD High Court Rules of 1960 that were in existence before this set of Rules was enacted in Year 2007 are no longer valid and so should never be cited anymore as a legitimate reference.

This is a brief overview of the first & last rule of the set of High Court Rules currently in force inside Sierra Leone by which all Judges must strictly abide.

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