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Common Sense or Common Nonsense?
By Umaru Sitta Turay, New York, USA
May 24, 2010, 13:42

When the negative propaganda was going on in Sierra Leone by both nationals of the country and foreigners that were sent to specifically further destroy the country, some patriotic people who knew about the plan passed it on to the authorities concerned. At that time, the then SLPP pushed these people away, if not very far but at armís length. They described it then as a scary, alarming and peace threatening information.

On the contrary, it was truly genuine information and some was brought to the public through the media. Plenty of times it was put on newspapers that some international organizations have been specifically appointed as diplomatic employees to the country for the specific reason of changing our government. The line of action was that all efforts should be made to remove the government with no regard of its popularity.

When these guys were agitating for change, they totally forgot that Sierra Leoneans have suffered for long and will want a strong force that will govern and take them to the desired change they are yearning for. Transformations that will make them start to forget the bitter experience of the eleven year nasty war. A change that will make them feel their country is moving forward. Sierra Leoneans never needed a change just for the sake of change but an honest batch of people that will alleviate the countryís problems from its present status. The planners did not think properly to make the choice of the political system that will effect that change.

The former United Nations Representative Victor de silva Angelo and the former SLPP Leader Solomon Berewa at the time when Umaru Sitta Turay insists that foresighted journalistsí warnings were being shelved by the then SLPP Leadership. By the time Mr. Berewa woke up to the reality of what was going on, it was too late; he had slept in his wing and Angelo had perfected the Regime Change Agenda. Now, we are living with Common nonsense...

The egocentric strategies of some international workers led us to where we are right now. Some of these guys having been proven not capable, have been sacked without benefit even though they held senior positions in the institutions they were heading. Some were sent away from the country with their tails between their legs by the same institutions that hired them to sabotage the former SLPP government. That shame will ever remain to haunt them.

Now, it is the citizens of the country that are suffering the sequel of that very poor arrangement. For about three years now Sierra Leoneans do not know what is happening to their country. They have waited and waited for the change to come but it is not forth coming. The down turn of the economy, the return to political violence, the arbitrary arrests, thuggery, gang rape, corruption, intimidation, rampant sacking, incompetence and "Ba nya fakie" have become the greetings in the country.

The Bumbuna Light that was rushed has stopped. The Free Medical that was given a kind of media attention has flopped. The Attitudinal Change that was the priority of President Ernest Bai Koroma has been dropped. The Semega-Janneh Commission of Inquiry that was designed to molest former SLPP Ministers has been corrupted. The road network that was over amplified has stopped. All these things are in the happening because most of them did not have the genuine intent to develop the country. Most of them also were projects that were almost completed by the SLPP government. There are no new projects initiated by the APC government which have a tinge of success so therefore they cannot be said to have done anything for the people that are anything worth writing home about.

I said it before now that a person like Alhaji Alpha Khan, Minister of Mines, has an addicted habit of a fraud and will soon be found wanting. There is a record of this man swindling peopleís money and it is that type of person that has been put in charge of the economic basket of the country.

I was not surprised to read that Alpha Khan might have collected some one million dollars and not report the collection to his boss, President Ernest Bai Koroma and since he has not seen fit to debunk the rumour, I will take it as probably true.

The only thing that surprised me was to learn that Alpha Khan; out of being desperate, will take thugs from Freetown and Port Loko to Pujehun in the name of violence. I know he is worried about his alleged act of collection which has been reported upon and for that reason he might want to do everything to please his boss who might have learnt about the money collected but I do believe Mines Minister Alpha Khan is old enough to remember what happened in 1977. The same kind of action happened in Bo in 1977. On the 3rd of May, 1977 the APC took thugs from Makeni and Port Loko to fight the SLPP. That action was the most regrettable one in the history of APC. It turned out to be a nasty "mini-war". All the ones that were hired as thugs from Makeni and Port Loko were buried in Bo. None of them returned. The rest I will explain later please. Those lessons are ought to be learnt by some of us that witnessed it and Alpha Khan was a grown-up by then.

When I wrote about the reason for the resizing of our currency, some close colleagues of mine that have never disagreed with me, called me up and challenged it. I insisted about what I was saying. Just some days after the money has been released, it is these colleagues that have started to write that the money is a fake one. Some have called me again to apologize and promise to follow the things I write other than challenge them. Apart from those colleagues, many people in the country have realized that the money is intended to throw our country to the economic trash. I said it earlier that Sierra Leoneans will not stop it from happening but just few listened to me and the bulk of the people get carried away with the propaganda that the notes are to make it easy for the blind to use. Those who did not believe what I was saying have taken their pens and published their dissatisfaction to the public. I think it is a little bit late now for my dear brothers and sisters. I was expecting that the people writing now will join me at that time so that we will stop President Ernest Bai Koromaís team from printing that easy-to-counterfeit money for our country. Sierra Leoneans, it is due for us to shrug ourselves from fear and say the truth for the progress of our country.

I will conclude this piece by asking my dear readers this question:

"Is all APC is doing to our country a Common Sense or Common nonsense?"

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