From Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown

Schulenburg Should Behave Himself
May 24, 2010, 13:50

The UN Secretary General’s representative here in Sierra Leone spent last Friday May 21st 2010 pacing up and down UNIPSIL’s Cabenda Hotel premises grumbling to anyone who wished to listen about those ‘bad’ journalists at Awareness Times who publicised "that little fisticuffs here" to the whole country. Apart from complaining to sources within the Government, the man even summoned the Opposition SLPP Leaders to express his distress over Awareness Times.

Well, Mr. Schulenburg should know that neither the opposition SLPP nor the ruling APC Government has any sway or say at this medium. We’re an independent paper. Period! As we have told everyone who spoke to us on the issue, Mr. Schulenburg should learn to comport himself like a Diplomat. We suggest he go back and read a Letter he once wrote to Pino Arlacchi on December 4th 2000.

Mr. Schulenburg, please learn from last paragraph of your December 2000 letter so we will not have to "search in your personality to find an answer". We are watching you! A word to the wise...

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